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USPF Magna Cum Laude Jade Matuguinas Tops November 2023 Nursing Board Exams

- January 15, 2024

November 2023 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination topnotcher Jade Catherine N. Matuguinas acknowledges the power of prayer in her recent success but it was not without hard work, discipline, and persistence. Jade dedicated herself to the challenge of acing her board exam and her achievement truly was a well-deserved reward.

I was shocked and I cried because of too much happiness; finally, all my hard work had paid off.


Jade Catherine Matuguinas

Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination topnotcher from USPF

Nine days of novena to St. Jude, nine days of novena masses at St. Therese, and visits to various churches paired with a rigorous study schedule and 4 months of intensive review on top of her achiever personality clinched the topnotcher spot for Jade.

Graduation Photo of Jade Matuguinas

Graduation Photo of Jade Matuguinas

“Prayers are indeed powerful.”

After learning that she passed the board examination, that she ranked in the Top 10, and that their batch had a 100% passing rate, she ran to St. Therese Church and lit candles to thank God, unmindful that it was already 11 PM.

Prepared Since Day 1

The 22-year-old BS Nursing graduate admits that she took school seriously.

Jade shares, “As early as my first year, I started compiling NLE and NCLEX questions and studied them wholeheartedly. When I was in 2nd year, I bought nursing reviewers and studied how to answer critical thinking questions by myself. Then, in my final years of nursing, I usually prepared for my major examinations by answering NCLEX questions online. Also, during my vacant hours in our clinical duties, I studied and answered some questions to make use of the time.”

The perfect complement to Jade’s tenacity? The Nursing Board Ops, initiated by USPF President, Atty. Paulino Yabao, and implemented by the College of Nursing in her 3rd and 4th year of undergraduate studies. Jade was overall chairman of the Nursing Board Ops in her senior year.

She’s a Powerhouse

Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Jade also holds the honor of being the first graduate with Latin Honors in the 20 years of history of the USPF BS Nursing program. Earning this academic achievement while also being recognized as the Most Outstanding Youth of Cebu City 2022 is testament to her powerhouse personality. How does one juggle the responsibilities of being the Nursing Student Body Organization president and Supreme Student Government vice president while consistently being on the honors list? Ask Jade.

Whether it’s bagging Academic Excellence Awards, Leadership Awards, or recognitions in Research, Jade has been collecting them since she was a young learner.

Intentional Choices, Life-Saving Decisions

As the story of her life goes, you’ll guess nothing in her life is ever accidental – every decision is deliberate and purposeful. “The main reason why I chose nursing was to gain knowledge and skills in responding to emergencies,” shares Jade.

After feeling guilty that she was unable to help a kid who was injured during her elementary years because she was scared of the sight of blood, she came to a significant realization. “What if it happened to my family? Would I also run away? That’s why I took up nursing because I don’t want to feel guilty for not helping if life-threatening situations occur just because I lack the knowledge and skills necessary to save lives – I think my ignorance would haunt me until death, especially if it’s my family.”

As she matured, the reason for taking up nursing has grown to include her desires to promote health, prevent illness, care for the sick, help people have a dignified death, and most especially to render professional nursing care for her parents once they get old.

She was also inspired to continue her nursing studies by watching medical-related Korean dramas, which helped me overcome my fear of blood while also driving me to make my life more meaningful to the people around me.

Jade Matuguinas in USPF Nursing Uniform

Jade Matuguinas in USPF Nursing Uniform

Saving the Dream, Finding a Home

Growing up in Leyte, Jade’s transfer to USPF during her senior high years helped her adapt to city life seamlessly. She credits the friendly environment provided by the school during her transition.

While she wanted to study at a public school for college because nursing school is expensive, the roads led her to USPF instead. Jade thanks her USPF family for helping her save that dream of becoming a nurse. Because of her excellent academic performance, she was offered an Academic Scholarship and the Doña Modesta Gaisano Scholarship. Truly, what is meant for you will find you.

A Greater Purpose to Pursue

“USPF helped me build a better future for myself and my family. The culture at USPF is something that you cannot see in other universities; it’s like a mother mothering a child. Its values and philosophy shaped me into who I am today and brought out the best in me. It is indeed a home away from home—and my forever life vest,” she shares.

Jade wishes to pursue medicine. She quips, “I want to use the talent that God has given me for a greater purpose. But as of now, I don’t have the resources yet, and I can’t afford medical school. Maybe I’ll save money first so I can make that dream happen, in time.”

She is also considering working as a hospital nurse to practice her profession or as a review center lecturer to share her knowledge so others can also achieve their dreams. She is also thinking about reviewing for NCLEX in preparation for greener pastures outside the country.

Whatever greater purpose she chooses to pursue, we trust Jade Matuguinas will surely make USPF a proud alma mater. The grass is greener where you water it, and she certainly has the powerhouse personality to ensure lush pastures wherever she chooses to be.


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