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Rat hole becomes newest attraction in Chicago

Chicago rat hole emerges as the city’s newest must-see attraction

Chicago rat hole emerges as the city’s newest must-see attraction | Photos from winslowdumaine/X and bennythebull/X

In today’s digital age, where anyone and anything can go viral, even the most mundane things can transform into online sensations and tourist destinations.

Forget the typical tourist hotspots: This quirky sidewalk imprint, shaped like a rat, has scurried into the spotlight and is making waves online.

Just a few days ago, on Jan. 7, an X (formerly Twitter) user named Winslow Dumaine posted a photo of this hole with the caption, “Had to make a pilgrimage to the Chicago Rat Hole.”

Since then, it has gained traction, now reaching five million views as of writing.

The newfound fame of the Chicago rat hole in Roscoe Village has prompted more than just curious glances. True to the post, visitors are leaving whimsical offerings near the rat-shaped imprint—from a block of cheese and cigarettes to sympathy cards and a few stray coins.

It’s like a rodent-themed treasure hunt with a dash of humor.

Even Illinois state Rep. Ann Williams, representing the 11th legislative district, joined in on the fun by promoting the quirky landmark in a video on X.

“There is so much to see and do here in the district. We have so many great bars and restaurants, beautiful neighborhoods, the iconic Wrigley Field – and of course, the Chicago rat hole,” Williams expressed in the 21-second video.

Not to be outdone, Benny the Bull, the official mascot of the Chicago Bulls, also paid a visit to the rat hole, “Had to pay my respects to a legend.”


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This peculiar sidewalk feature, believed to be the imprint of a deceased squirrel rather than a rat, has been there for years.

As it basks in its newfound digital glory, attracting both locals and curious tourists, the Chicago rat hole has proven that in the age of the internet, even the smallest and quirkiest details can bring unexpected joy.


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