Feeling down? Let these reminders guide you today

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Have you ever had that feeling in the morning where you just sit still not knowing if you should get moving or just be still?

It’s as if you don’t have a reminder for yourself to keep going.

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The confidence, the drive, and the focus— gone.

Today, let these reminders guide you through the day.

You are enough— this may always be something you hear, but this is the reality of life, we always try to do so much not knowing that we are already doing enough. You are enough.

You are loved— it may not be felt as much, but people in your corner are rooting for you. You are loved and that should never be a question you ask yourself.

Reminders to guide you today if you’re feeling down

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Let go— if something is weighing you down, especially the past mistakes you made, wake up today and just let it go. The mistakes have been made, time to forgive yourself for it, accept it happened, and start living again.

Accept changes— sometimes the redirection we have in life can somehow come out as a protection from the universe. Sometimes we think we know best, but the universe has a different plan for us.

Good times are never too far away— this reminder should be your daily reminder. You should always find joy in everything you do. Laugh a little, giggle, and enjoy the simple joys in life. Don’t ever think you are going to be sad for a long time.

You deserve so much more— you deserve a life worth living don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

These reminders are just stepping stones for you to start feeling yourself again.

Keep going, you are doing good, you are on the right path, nothing in life comes easy especially when it’s worth it.

ULTIMATE REMINDER: You are here for a reason.

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