Sugboanong Pinulongan: Some Bisaya words and their meanings of hope

International Mother Language Day marked on February 21

CEBU CITY, Philippines– The celebration of International Mother Language Day serves as a reminder of the importance of language in preserving cultural heritage, promoting inclusively and fostering mutual understanding among people of different backgrounds.

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Languages are not just tools for communication; they enclose unique histories, traditions, and perspectives. If languages disappear, a part of humanity’s collective knowledge and cultural legacy is lost forever.

Here are some Sugbuanong Pinulongan and their meanings.

Puhon – a Cebuano saying used when they hope that something will happen in the future or God’s will.

Padayon – a motivational Cebuano word that means to move forward or to carry on with life despite the challenges it brings.

Amping – a simple reminder of having to be careful with something or treat something with care.

Dasig– to fight or do something with full enthusiasm and excitement, even with some obstacles along the way.

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Languages are also closely linked to identity and belonging. Preserving and promoting mother languages is important for maintaining cultural diversity and ensuring the well-being of languages worldwide.

Sagdi lang – a Bisaya phrase or expression that means never mind but somehow it gives comfort, assurance, and hope in life that will come about.

Bidlisiw – the rays of the sun that also symbolize hope.

From this day forward, International Mother Language Day encourages individuals and communities to take pride in their mother languages and to actively participate in efforts to preserve and promote them.

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