How do you say good night in Bisaya?

We asked this question, some of the answers are hilarious

CEBU CITY, Philippines–Translating Bisaya words to English can be challenging at times.

A good example? Good night. Any idea on how to say this in Bisaya?

See? We are now making you  think, too!

Google it, and you’ll find a lot of different answers that really don’t seem to be the right translation.

So we asked this question on social media in the hopes of finding the closest correct answer.

While some responses were the familiar “maayong gabii” or “maayong kagabhion,” there were other answers that gave everyone a good laugh because of the amusing and creative translations provided by Cebuanos.

Check them out:

Whatever the answer might be or how else you wanna say good night, make sure the person you wish good night is really off to bed and not off somewhere else.

Oopps, good night, Siloys!



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