7 things we can do to help women with PCOS

PCOS: Things we can do to women with PCOS


CEBU CITY, Philippines— This women’s month as we celebrate the Joan of Arcs in our lives and around the world, let’s not forget about the women who are faced with a challenge.

This challenge faced by several women from around the world is what we call, Polycystic ovary syndrome better known as PCOS.

According to the report last June 2023 of the World Health Organization, PCOS affects 8–13 percent of women of reproductive age, with up to 70 percent undiagnosed globally.

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It’s a top cause of infertility due to irregular ovulation. This can somehow lead to long-term health issues both mentally and physically.

PCOS often begins in the teenage years, with symptoms changing over time.

A lot of our women friends now are very open about having PCOS and more often than not they tell us about how challenging it can be for them to be in that situation.

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How to help women with PCOS

Today, let us help you get a few ideas on how you can somehow help those with PCOS feel less stressed and help them in their journey.

  • Listen without judgment: Be there to listen when they need to talk about their PCOS struggles.
  • Offer practical help: Assist and support them when they need to adjust to new things in their lives, especially in their routines. Go on an active lifestyle with them.
  • Educate yourself: Learn about PCOS to understand what your friend is going through.
  • Be mindful of triggers: Avoid topics or situations that may upset your friend.PCOS: Things we can do to women with PCOS
  • Be patient: Understand that PCOS symptoms can vary, and be there for them through ups and downs.
  • Plan fun activities: Organize enjoyable outings to help them relax.
  • Check-in regularly: Keep in touch and offer ongoing support.

Understanding PCOS might be a lot for some, but one thing we can always do is to be there for them.

Show support in any way we can.  

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