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Energy saving tips: Recharge your mental health while saving electricity

Spending so much time on your gadgets not only exhausts power usage, it can also drain you emotionally over time. Give yourself a break from that digital burden while saving power at the same time. 

Check out these tips to save energy and how they can boost your mental health.

Get a hobby away from your gadgets

Energy-saving Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

The smell of paperback books is another level of sensation

A recent study in 2023 revealed that Filipinos spend almost a third of their day using their phones, ranking first in a global report. Spend less time on your gadgets and explore a new hobby to improve your mental sanity. Go ahead and grab a book, learn a board game, or try gardening with a loved one. The list is endless the moment you decide to give yourself a break from your screens.

Immerse in green spaces

Energy-saving Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

Reconnect with nature

Bask in another level of relief under the shade of lush trees. Leave your gadgets at home and embrace the fresh breeze outside. Engaging with nature is generally proven to lighten one’s mood, relieve stress, and enhance overall mental health, all while saving energy at once.

Limit screen time at night

Energy-saving Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

A good sleep is a luxury

Studies prove that more than two hours of screen time at night affects the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for the quality of sleep. While hopping from one app to another can be fun, time flies so fast while you’re at it, until you realize that you only have a few hours left before your waking schedule. Get yourself a proper morning mood by limiting your screen time at night.

Choose Physical over digital conversations

Energy-saving Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

Talk like gadgets were never invented

Nothing beats the intimacy of sharing a conversation with the physical presence of the person you’re talking to. Break away from those long hours of video calls on your phones and laptops and plan a real gathering with your gals instead. Hanging out with good food and joyous laughter not only keeps you away from your gadgets but also keeps you closer to your loved ones.

Plan the day ahead

plan your day ahead

A well-planned day is a productive one

Avoid unnecessary overtime on your studies or work by charting the things that you have to do for the entire day. Make it realistic to prevent unmet expectations at the last minute. Finding a balance between work and rest not only eases your daily mood but also conserves energy when practiced.

As the world has become increasingly digital, don’t forget to immerse yourself in the real world beyond the cyberspace. While spending time online lets you expand your networks, being glued to your screens can be depressing over time.

More than promoting energy conservation, Visayan Electric also advocates for mental health through varied activities that are fun and worthwhile.

For inquiries, you may contact Visayan Electric through its hotline (032) 230-8326 or send a message to its Facebook page.



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