Dolphin’s surprise ‘show’ delights beachgoers in Badian, Cebu

dolphinCEBU CITY, Philippines— A special surprise wowed beachgoers Sunday, June 9, in the town of Badian, southwestern Cebu.

A dolphin was seen jumping out of the water and was putting on a show for beachgoers.

Raymond Bejoc, the uploader of the video, told CDN Digital that it was his first time to see a dolphin from Lambug Beach in Badian.

“Naligu mig Sayu sa buntag Kay walay init while galakaw2 mi’s bas nya pag balik namus amua cottage naa may nikalit og buthu nga dolphin na shock mi Kay nikiat nga murag Nigara nga happy ang dolphin maotu dali2 namug vide
o,” he said in an interview with CDN Digital.

Bejoc, who is from Toledo City, was enjoying the beach together with his friends when the dolphin showed up.

He said the dolphin appeared for two to three minutes before disappearing, as if signaling the show was over.

“1st time gyud tu namu Naka witnessed ngun atu Kay sa sige namu ligu dagat 1st time pagyud Mao nag #veryrare gyud,” he added.

This unexpected encounter left beachgoers in awe, adding a touch of magic to their day.

For Bejoc and his friends, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be cherished, highlighting the unique moments nature can offer at Lambug Beach in Badian. /clorenciana

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