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Candy Pangilinan proud kaayo sa paghuman ni Quentin sa SHS

Candy Pangilinan proud kaayo sa paghuman ni Quentin sa SHS

Candy Pangilinan ug ang iyang anak nga si Quentin atol sa graduation niini. | Image: Instagram/@candypangilinan

Mapasigarbohon kaayo si Candy Pangilinan sa paghuman sa senior high school sa iyang nag inusara nga anak nga si Quentin.

Ug sa graduation niini, nakadawat pa si Quentin og special award isip “Most Cheerful.”

Sa iyang Instagram, gipakita ni Candy ang video sa pagsaka ni Quentin sa stage aron sa pagdawat sa maong pasidungog.

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“We finished senior high. Wala po kaming high honors pero most cheerful award po kami,” asoy ni Candy sa iyang caption.

Midugang si Candy nga dili perfect ang maong graduation kay gisapot si Quentin apan mapasalamaton gihapon siya sa mao nga milestone.

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“Hanggang graduation di kami magkasundo. Wala kaming matinong picture. Okay lang graduate pa rin kami. Not a perfect graduation. Q had tantrums after the ceremony. At least we finished the ceremony,” dugang niya.


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Sa wala pa ang graduation, gi-post usab ni Candy ang kopya sa graduation invitation ni Quentin.

“Praise God! Thank you to everyone who has been and is still a part of our journey. Tomorrow, we end a chapter and start anew. It is scarier and closer to the reality of independence and adulthood. We continue to move forward,” sey ni Candy.

Dugang niya, “Thank you, family, friends, therapists, coaches, teachers, caregivers, doctors, medical professionals, colleagues, fellow parents, advocates, community, priests, altar servers, supporters, bashers, people that gave me the opportunity to work so I can provide… Wow, the list goes on.. Thank you to every person we have encountered.”

Si Quentin nga 20 anyos na karon, dunay autism.

Gipakita ni Candy sa iyang YouTube vlog kun unsa ang challenges sa usa ka solo parent sa pagpadaku og anak nga adunay  special needs.

“Join me on my journey with my son, family, and friends. I am not a medical expert. I am simply a mother of a child with ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder),” matud pa sa iyang vlog.

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