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2024 Transformation Summit synergizes smart future; honors Cebu’s top IT, BMP enterprises

By: - July 03, 2024

The Cebu IT.BPM Organization (CIB.O) convenes over 250 innovation visionaries and industry leaders for the highly anticipated return of Cebu’s premier gathering of information technology (IT) and business processing management (BPM) enterprises, the 2024 Transformation Summit, held at the prestigious Grand Ballroom of the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, on June 28, 2024. 

We have the power to shape not just the future of Cebu but the advancement of technology and beyond. And we can harness all this through collaboration and innovation. The future is now.


Darwin John “DJ” Moises
Summit Chairman

Dedicated to shaping the future landscape of technology and business for the region, the summit delved into crucial topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, talent management acquisition and retention, workplace challenges, and enhancement of customer and user experience. These themes were purposely chosen to address current industry trends and challenges, fostering discussions that are pivotal for driving innovation and sustainable growth in the IT and BPM sectors.

Darwin John “DJ” Moises, CIB.O 2024 Transformation Summit

“We have the power to shape not just the future of Cebu but the advancement of technology and beyond. And we can harness all this through collaboration and innovation. The future is now,” proudly states Darwin John “DJ” Moises, the Summit Chairman. 

Beyond discussions from experienced speakers from the industry and the academe, the summit also provided a platform for participants to exchange ideas, share best practices, and explore emerging technologies that promise to reshape industries. It also served as a catalyst for forging partnerships that can drive technological advancements and operational efficiencies across various sectors.

CIB.O 2024 Transformation Summit

The gathering also concluded with pride and honor with the awarding of Cebu’s leading IT and BPM companies, excellence trailblazers, and emerging visionaries in the field.

Human-centered artificial intelligence: Emphatic approach to technology

Arvin Yason, Philippine Hub for Innovation Director at Accenture in the Philippines

In the realm of business transformation, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into work processes can often appear peculiar and, at worst, daunting. However, as companies delve deeper into this technological frontier, the potential benefits of AI as a catalyst for enterprise evolution become increasingly apparent. Arvin Yason, Philippine Hub for Innovation Director at Accenture in the Philippines highlighted these transformative potentials during his talk at the 2024 Transformation Summit. 

“Generative AI will enable more people to do more things that they were not able to do before. We need to embrace it more because it will allow more productivity, more efficiency, less fake news, [and] less anxiety,” emphasized Yason in an exclusive interview with CDN Digital. His insights exclaim AI’s capacity not only to streamline processes but also to enhance decision-making capabilities and combat misinformation in data-driven environments.

Yason further stressed the importance of raising awareness and fostering education about AI. By demystifying its applications and potential benefits, businesses can better navigate the integration process and leverage AI as a strategic asset rather than viewing it with apprehension.

As businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation, Yason’s insights serve as a clarion call to embrace AI’s potential as a changemaker. By fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability, companies can position themselves at the forefront of technological advancement, driving efficiencies and creating new opportunities in the global marketplace.

Digital transformation in the countryside: Danao City’s efficiency and competitiveness

Danao City Mayor Hon. Thomas Mark H. Durano

Danao City, known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes, is now setting its sights on a new frontier: becoming the “Next Digital City in the South.” Amidst Cebu’s bustling technological advancements, Danao City is emerging as a beacon of progress, propelled by a strategic vision to embrace and leverage technology for comprehensive development.

At the 2024 Transformation Summit, Danao City Mayor Hon. Thomas Mark H. Durano unveiled an ambitious digital roadmap aimed at catapulting the city into prominence within the IT and BPM sectors. This roadmap is anchored on six strategic pillars designed to drive sustainable growth and innovation: embracement of automation for government services, building climate- and disaster-proof infrastructure, harnessing competitive talents in the IT and BPM industries, adhering to initiatives for green, smart, and affordable mobility, creating livable spaces, and establishing local and international partnerships. 

“Our goal for this roadmap, and the primary reason why we pushed ourselves to be the co-partners of this event, is for Danao City to be the preferred and be seriously considered to be the most viable option as the next IT-BPM hub in the island of Cebu and in the Visayas region,” Mayor Durano affirmed during his address at the summit. This strategic initiative underscores Danao City’s commitment to positioning itself as a dynamic hub for innovation and industry leadership.

A pivotal component of Danao City’s digital transformation strategy includes the establishment of a 30-hectare Techno-Business Park dedicated to the IT and BPM industries. This initiative aims to attract both local startups and established firms, offering a conducive environment for growth and collaboration.

The Future: IT-BPM Trends and Highlights

Jack Madrid

IT and Business Process Association of the Philippine President, Jack Madrid, outlined a promising trajectory for the country’s IT and BPM industries over the next three years. Speaking on the industry’s current strengths and future prospects, Madrid underscored several factors contributing to its robust growth: the nation’s growing interest in digital and high-complexity work, buoyed by a skilled talent pool renowned for its high emotional quotient, complemented with world-class infrastructures and an enabling ecosystem, having one of the lowest costs of service delivery globally, having a favorable business climate, policies, regulations, and incentives, and having sustainability and purpose as a core focus. 

Discussing emerging technology trends, Madrid emphasized the industry’s focus on enhancing employee experience through automation of routine tasks and personalized training supported by AI integration, adherence to modern tools, and a continuous interest in upscaling. 

“With better infrastructure, great schools to supply talent, and even more progressive LGUs that the industry can work together with, the countryside is the fuel for our industries continued growth,” said Madrid to further boost the growth of the IT and BPM industries in the country. 

Looking ahead, Madrid expressed optimism that, with continued innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to excellence, the Philippines will further solidify its role as a preferred destination for outsourcing and technology-driven solutions in the global market.

Honoring Cebu’s IT and BPM key players

CIB.O 2024 Transformation Summit

The assemblages also served as an outlet to recognize the relentless efforts of various companies for Cebu’s IT and BPM industries to flourish and to provide work to numerous employees that powered the local economic potency. Among the winners were (in alphabetical order): 

Top 10 IT-BPM Company


Top 3 Trailblazer Excellence Awardees


Top 3 Emerging Visionary Awardees 


CIB.O 2024 Transformation Summit

By addressing key challenges and exploring innovative solutions, the 2024 Transformation Summit reinforced Cebu’s position as a hub for technological innovation and business excellence in the global arena. For more information about the summit, feel free to visit the official Facebook page of the Cebu IT.BPM Organization (CIB.O).



Convergence of Industry Professionals: The face-to-face comeback of CIB.O’s Transformation Summit

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