11 fashion trends in the 00s that we all loved!

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Fashion trends never die, they just get off some seasons then resurface on the face of the fashion world like how your annoying ex does sometimes.

Fashion trends mark a generation.


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In the 80s, everything disco and colorful was the trend. In the 90s, it went a little bit darker and more serious.

And what most of the us experience is the flashy fashion trends in the 00s.

That was when boy bands like NSYNC were topping charts and showing off men in tank tops doing dances on stage.

And that was when Britney Spears was the icon for low rise skirts and abs-showing outfits.

How about we go down memory lane and revisit the fashion trends in the 00s as we celebrate World Fashion Day today.

Low-Rise Jeans:

These jeans sat well below the waist and were a staple for many, often paired with crop tops or tank tops that still give a tease of your skin showing.

11 fashion trends in the 00s that we all loved! low-rise jeans fashion trend in the 00s

Christina Aguilera | Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock


Velour Tracksuits:

Made famous by brands like Juicy Couture, these were both comfortable and stylish, often accessorized with bling. You would want to get into this trend because of Hollywood star, Paris Hilton.

velour tracksuit fashion trend in the 00s

Paris Hilton in her signature look. | Paris Hilton IG

Cargo Pants:

Fashion with a purpose was in, and cargo pants, with their multiple pockets, became a popular choice for both men and women. This made a person look stylish and functional before not having to carry a purse with them because of the pockets on the jeans.

cargo pants fashion trend in the 00s

Cargo pants were a big deal in the 00s, can you tell? | Pinterest

Tube Tops:

These strapless tops were a favorite for a night out or a casual day.

Mini Skirts:

Extremely short skirts, often made of denim or other casual materials, were a key part of many wardrobes.

Asymmetrical Tops and Dresses:

One-shoulder tops and dresses became a chic way to add an interesting silhouette to outfits. Sometimes this gets a little bit over the top as the tops are long enough to be dresses, but ladies still wear pants underneath it.

one-shoulder dresses fashion trend in the 00s

One-shoulder dresses were a thing too. | Pinterest


Baguette Bags:

Small, compact handbags, often carried over the shoulder, became the “it” accessory thanks to shows like “Sex and the City.”

Of course, we can’t let this trip down memory lane without remembering the “mean” looks the men wore in the 00s too.

Baggy Jeans:

Loose-fitting jeans, often worn low on the hips, were a significant trend, influenced by hip-hop culture.

Graphic T-Shirts:

T-shirts with bold graphics, logos, and slogans were popular and often served as a statement piece in an outfit.

Polo Shirts:

Often worn with the collar popped, polo shirts were a preppy staple in the 2000s. Men usually pair it with almost everything! Board shorts, pants, cargo shorts and sometimes they wear it to sleep.

collars popped up fashion trend in the 00s.

Surely, you’ve seen your dad or uncles do this before. | Pinterest

Spiky Hair and Frosted Tips:

Haircuts featuring spiky hair, often with frosted tips, were a signature look for many young men.

spiky hair fashion trend in the 00s.

Who better to show us this look than the ultimate heartthrob, Brad Pitt. | Pinterest

These trends created a distinct and memorable fashion era that continues to influence styles today.

Today, we see young ones strutting low-rise jeans, with chunky heels making every Hollywood celebrity proud knowing that these were the “fits” they wore that the paparazzi loved in the 00s.

What was your favorite 00s fashion trend?

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