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IN THE news the other day, it was reported that the heat index experienced in the country hit 52 degrees.

That’s worse than a raging fever or a heated bikram yoga studio. And yes, while we whine about the discomfort and rush to the nearest air-conditioned room available while drinking copious amounts of ice water, there are serious implications to climate change that we shouldn’t  brush off so nonchalantly.

It is not for a lack of communication, because I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the warnings and felt the signs of impending disaster. But we are all too ‘busy’ to actually do anything about it … busy driving to work, busy pounding away at our computers, consuming electricity, busy running businesses, busy earning the means to provide for our families.

“It is only when the last tree has been cut down and the last fish has been harvested from the ocean that we will realize, we cannot eat money,” says a quote I saw recently.

If we want to live in a sustainable world, we’re going to have to take extra steps to change our lifestyles and habits. Of course you know the drill—Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Plant trees, conserve water, work to lessen your carbon footprint, and choose products that are good for the environment.

It is always good news to hear about major brands doing their share for the environment. H&M, one of my favorite clothing brands, is a great example. Sustainable development is at the heart of their operations, and affects how they select raw materials for products and how the items are produced. They use efficient lighting in their stores to conserve energy, and work with suppliers to help reduce CO2 emissions as well. How amazing is that?


This year, H&M has launched its H&M Conscious collection which is a product of their collaboration with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs located in the Palais de Louvre in Paris.

Inspired by the world-renowned museum’s archives, the line consists of glamorous modern red carpet pieces infused with a delicate charm, nostalgic aesthetic and historical legacy. From dreamy, floaty maxi dresses that make you swoon, to glamorous satin palazzos, sweet peaches-and-cream blouses, lace skirts, beaded shift dresses, and even a coat made out of PET bottles, every piece in the collection is drool-worthy and is a wonderful addition to any modern lady’s wardrobe. The clothes and accessories use innovative materials such as beads and rhinestones made from recycled glass and Denimite, a material made from recycled worn-out denim.

Parisian Art Director, style maven and sustainability champion, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, is the face of the campaign. “I am honored to be the ambassador of such a unique project. I think that the idea of creating a collection inspired by the history of art and fashion is fantastic. Especially since it is made with innovative and sustainable materials which are the future of fashion,” says Julia. Known for her distinctive, personal sense of style, Julia is the embodiment of effortless, conscious and modern cool.

What’s not to love about this brand? It’s admirable how they advocate a better fashion future—one where fashion not only makes people look good, but do good as well.

“At H&M we have set the challenge of making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable. We want to help people express their personality and feel proud of what they wear, and ultimately we want future generations to enjoy fashion the way they do now,” says Dan Mejia, H&M Philippines Head of Communication and Press.

The H&M Conscious Collection was launched last April 7 and hopefully you can still catch some of the pieces at one of their 180 stores globally.
Here are photos of some of my favorites!

I’d also like to invite everyone reading this to participate in and promote world recycling week from April 18-24. Every little bit you do goes a long way.

Here’s to our future!

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