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SHE held the ukulele, cleared her throat and began strumming the strings. There was a wistful tune that came out, a carefree, jovial song, the kind that makes you want to snap your fingers and jam along. “I just came up with this last night,” said 13-year-old singer-songwriter Ashley Go.

Ashley started exploring her interest in song compositions in 2015, and just a year later, she now has an album, and her songs are being played on Monster Radio, a local radio channel. This fine girl has fully embraced her talent and made her way up to the charts in the local music industry.

A daughter, sister, friend, Ashley shapes an experience and the
emotional reflection of that experience in melodic patterns beautifully breaks into one good song. Other than the gift of ear, this blossoming artist is simply attuned to almost
anything her young heart could grasp on—pain including. She acknowledges its own downside but like any marks of a good song artist, Ashley slowly learns to face the music no matter the sting. Her involvement in Youth Fellowship has a major impact of how she is now. You can catch this aspiring song artist Ashley Go at Veranda Restaurant & Café in Parkmall where she shares her music and does her unique version of cover songs. All of which received much praise and applause. (BHQ)

How did you get into music?
When I finished making my first song. I was like, “Oh this is fun! Okay, let’s do it!”

What was your first song and what was it about?
“Unleash the Beast.” It was when my mom and dad had a misunderstanding. I was in my room crying because my mom was crying, and I just started singing. I could be very emotional and so sensitive that whenever there’s a sad part in the video we’re watching in school, all my classmates would look at me every now and then to check if I’m already crying! (Laughs). The new Cinderella movie? I cried five times watching that movie.

Well, you wouldn’t be writing songs if you don’t feel anything.

Yes, but sometimes I wish I was heartless so I won’t be feeling any pain. It was a sad song. I’m really good at sad songs! (Laughs).

But you strike me as a happy person.
Because now I’m happy. I found Christ. I’m like a new spiritual baby. Becoming a Christian is easy but to be a Christian is not easy.

How often do you go to Youth Fellowship?
I go on Fridays after school. I’m planning also to go on a Saturday.

What do you guys do?
It depends on the schedule. We have a schedule for Bible study, and there’s free dinner already. There’s a schedule for games and also praise and worship. Sometimes we have people coming who share about their lives and how they received God. We even have movie time.

What do you like in this the most?
I get to share with my friends, or a small group, or the young and old. We get to share each other’s problems and pray together. They’re always there.

Do you ever get compliments on your level of maturity at a young age?
People say, “Where do you get theinspirations? It’s so mature.”

So where did you draw the inspiration in your songs?
I think from experience and when I’m inspired. Whenever I forced myself, I get nothing on the paper. I can’t really force myself to write a song. But inspiration pops up. It does come and so it’s ok. “Me Against the World” was about friendship. I wrote it when I was in grade 7, two years ago. “Summer Time” is like meeting summer, and “Monsters” was from being afraid of the dark and horror.

What inspired you to write “Me Against the World”?
I had this close friend and she had to move school. Her mom wants her to socialize more. It’s sad because we’ve been together for a long time since preschool.

How did you cope?
We sometimes still see other, but there’s this awkward atmosphere already, like we suddenly run out of things to talk about. But I have my other friends and new friends too.

Do you start with the tune or lyrics?
The topic has to come first, then I’d feel the tune for its mood, then I start putting in the lyrics.

How long does it usually take to compose a whole song?
A day or two. My fastest was an hour. The title of this is “Hey Nuggs.” It’s about my teddy bear. (Laughs). I have this habit of calling people close to me “Nuggs.” I just start calling them Nuggs. I don’t know why. (Laughs)

You already have music videos. Which songs are these?
“Me against the World”, and “Summer Time”, and the new release which is “Monsters”.


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Did you have fun making them?
Yes, very. Tiring but really fun.

You’re so tall for your age.
Yes. There’s this one time I went to Shangri-La. The slide there says 13 years old and below. I was lining up and when it was my turn, the ate there said, “Miss, only 13 below are allowed”. Oh, my God! Why?! She was asking for an ID!”

Is there anything that helps strike an inspiration?
When I’m by myself and I see a nice view, if I just sit or stand there, I get inspired. The beach and the sound of the waves is the best time to play a ukulele.

What other musical instruments can you play?
The guitar, ukulele, and a bit of piano. I love finding tunes by ear when someone just starts to play. I don’t usually look for the notes or take lessons. But I do want to take piano lessons now. I did have brief guitar lessons, but after that I learned on my own.

Where do you usually sing?
I perform at Veranda in Parkmall on my free time.

From whom did you take up your interest in music
My mom’s side of the family. My grandpa was in a band. He sang and played guitar when he was young. We used to jam together outside his house in the province, in front of the other houses. We’re such a big family with all my cousins
jamming with us. He does the guitar and I do the ukulele. Sometimes my brother shouts and I’ll grab a chair and starts jamming. It’s so fun.

How supportive are your parents?
Very. My mom is always with me. My dad though has to work but he’s there when I do some gigs. My dad is a businessman and Mom is a housewife. She helps him in the office though like with the documents. Mom always takes videos of me whenever I do cover or perform. And dad too.


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What do you do when you’re not up for some music?
I read. I love reading. If not, I play basketball and volleyball. Basketball was actually the first sport I played with my dad. He taught me ever since I was a kid. If not, I go swimming. If I can’t do any of those, I go out with my friends! Like “Guys, I’m bored. Laag ta na!” (Laughs).

What type of movies gets into you the most?
Christian movies, teen fictions, drama and family.

Were you ever inspired by romance?

If this is about a love story, the only ones inspiring me are my auntie and uncle. They’re so cute together. And they bring me food! Plus points! (Laughs).

No crush at all?
I don’t have a crush. It’s all too complicated and problematic, so I avoid having one. If I do have a crush, it’s a celebrity! He doesn’t know I exist. And it’s ok! (Laughs).

How do you look up to in the music industry?

Taylor Swift. Fangirl mode! She’s good at what she does and her fashion sense makes her look so pretty, so pretty that I look like a fetus. (Laughs). I also like Alex Aiono. He’s a YouTuber. He’s Spanish and really good in singing. Shakira, too. I like her songs and I think she’s kind and simple. She’s
also very talented.

Name five songs in your playlist.

“Little French Song.” “If You’re the Coffee.” “La Vie En Rose.” “Real Love.” “Hasta El Amanecer.”

What are your playlists?

I have Gospel playlist, Hawaiian and I have Disney playlists! “Lion King,” “High School Musical,” “Jungle Book”… everything! Even from the old Disney, mo-search gyud ko! I have no space in my phone now because I have so many saved songs.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to go to Nashville in Tennessee! Musicians are there to reach their goals. It’s the city of music. If I don’t go for music, I’d pursue business. I want to own condominiums or resorts or a company that’s about fashion. I used to think of a name for my bag company when I was a kid. (Laughs).

Bags or shoes?

Shorts or skirts?

Dress or jumpsuits?

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