Happy, healthy holidays

Urban Table Ceviche (Radisson Blu Cebu)

Urban Table Ceviche (Radisson Blu Cebu)

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HERE are more options on where to have healthy yet tasty food during the holidays.
Go ahead, spoil yourself with hearty, wholesome food.

Serging Osmeña Blvd. corner Juan Luna Avenue , North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.

Check out the french salad greens in a jar at Feria. It is an ingenious way of presenting salad greens among array of rich, indulgent food. The choice of dressing is yours.

Keeping in mind guests with various dietary preferences, the hotel initiated the Vegan Dishes of the Day – a wholesome spread of plant-based dishes.

Salad in a jar (Radisson Blu Cebu)

Salad in a jar (Radisson Blu Cebu)

Among these are the vegan mille feuille, vegan lasagna, vegetable strudel, seitan stew, roasted pepper and spinach gratin.

Pair your meal with a healthy glass of Krazy basil, a refreshing concoction of basil leaves, calamansi and pineapple. Basil is known for its detoxifying and stress-busting properties as well as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the perfect drink to wash down the gastronomic indulgence.

Or relax at the Dilmah t-bar where you can choose from a collection of 21 single origin premium teas from Sri Lanka to calm the senses and cleanse the mind.

Pure peppermint leaves is a palate cleanser and effective in rehydration. It is ideally taken after meal to aid digestion. Capture the mood of the Yuletide season in a cup Dilmah Christmas Tea, a fragrant fusion of Rose, Marzipan and Mint.

Prefer an al fresco dining experience? Choose Urban Table and share a hearty meal of tuna and salmon ceviche.

For inquiries or reservations, please call 402 9900.

Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City

Steamed milk fish and steamed vegetables (Quest Hotel and Conference Center)

Steamed milk fish and steamed vegetables (Quest Hotel and Conference Center)

If you’re trying to avoid or reduce oil in your meal, try the steamed fish and steamed vegetables at Puso Restaurant. What’s more, its home-cooked goodness makes you feel as if you’re comfortably home.

The hotel’s public relations officer, Ian Baol also said “As for the dessert, we do make low-sugar and even sugar-free options now and then and guests can always request.”

For inquiries or reservations, please call 402-5999 or 230-5888.

Cardinal Rosales Ave., Cebu Business Park

It’s seafood fare at the Cebu City Marriott Hotel and it’s called the Friday Seafood Offerings.

Chili Crab (Cebu City Marriott Hotel)

Chili Crab (Cebu City Marriott Hotel)

Guests can choose from a variety of fresh sea harvest cooked according to their preference. Lobsters, prawns and crabs are popular choices. The sweet chilli crabs or prawns always stand out as top crowd favorites especially when Executive Chef Chachpol Suaisom whips up his special Thai-influenced and inspired sweet chili sauce, according to Frances Alfafara, marketing communications manager.

For dessert, check out this Thai-inspired delight called Decadent Bittersweet Chocolate Lemon Grass Panacotta which was served during the Dinner in the Dark event at the hotel last October. It’s something you don’t see every day.

Chilli Prawns (Cebu City Marriott Hotel)

Chilli Prawns (Cebu City Marriott Hotel)

A more subdued option would be the Chocolate Moringga cake, where the lemongrass panacotta is replaced with Moringga-infused panacotta instead.

Moringga (malunggay) is rich in vitamin C, fiber and a host of other minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium.

There is also a second layer of low sugar chocolate mousse before the bittersweet chocolate crust. On the side it is topped with dark chocolate garnish.

Please call 411-5800 for inquiries or reservations.

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