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Isuzu holds Heavy Truck Driving Seminar

Isuzu Heavy Truck Driving Seminar [CDN Photo | Lito Tecson]

[CDN Photo | Lito Tecson]

AS part of their commitment to providing an excellent customer service experiences to its clients, Isuzu organized a whole day Heavy Truck Driving seminar held at the City di Mare activity center last June 29.

Twenty drivers from ten different companies were given the chance to drive Isuzu’s EXR and EXA heavy duty trucks around the area before heading on with their seminar that tackled fuel efficiency, safety driving, and proper maintenance.

Isuzu, as the leading seller of trucks for three years, makes sure that they do not just end their connection with their customers after purchasing their trucks. They stay connected to them through their after-sales services.

With durability as their key difference from all their competitors, it is not a shocker that Isuzu Philippines is gaining a wider client base here in Cebu when it comes to trucks.

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