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“WHAT is an influencer?” is probably the most common question online content creators get asked on the daily. I’ve been in this industry (if one can already call
it that) long enough to confidently say that online content creation has come a long way.

From purging 140-character thoughts on Twitter or Plurk, posting more lengthy and personal entries on Live Journal and Multiply, to actually creating a solid online platform to voice out opinions and amplify brand campaigns on Blogger and WordPress, online content creation went from meh to relevant. For the few who started creating content in 2009 and 2010 (this writer included), blogging then was merely an avenue to express ourselves, share our sartorial musings, and connect with like-minded individuals who share the same love for both fashion and online content creation.

Clover Creatives, the team behind Influencity

Fast forward to 2015 when influencer marketing gained traction and brands started recognizing the importance of these social media figures, the art of influence took on a different path—a very game-changing one at that.

Instead of only tapping celebrities and “mega” endorsers, brands have started reaching out to social media influencers, both micro and mid-level, to help them reach their consumers through the influencer’s blog, YouTube channel, or even their Instagram accounts.

While one can say that each one of us has influence on another person one way or another, a social media influencer has built for him/herself a large or mid-size following or community who value his or her opinion, expertise, and input on specific topics under their chosen niche.

Ching Sadaya

That said, established online content creators/social media influencers have become the face of advertisements and online campaigns, with most of them saturating Instagram more than any other platforms combined.

The recently concluded Influencity, a social media influencer’s fair held at the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu, did not only bring together style bloggers, beauty
gurus and SMIs all in one event for some influencer-follower interaction.

More than just a fair, Influencity highlighted the diverse interests of the 20 content creators invited to take part in its first activation, while giving emphasis on building camaraderie among influencers from different blogging groups and social media platforms.

maria Gigante

Aside from the invited Manila bloggers David Guison and Vina Guerrero, Huawei Philippines also flew in Raiza Contawi, one of Manila’s top beauty vloggers who shared skincare and beauty tips to her Cebu fanbase.

Recognizing the importance of picture-worthy spaces to fill our Instagram feeds, The Median took it upon themselves to set up a Scandi-inspired living room corner perfect for the enthusiastic generation of go-getters, young professionals and pet lovers.

More #InstagramWorthy oversharing here on “For Every Mommy” because don’t we all live for pretty spaces and even prettier Instagram feeds?

Most people still can’t wrap their minds around the fact that influencer marketing really does work.

It works because 90 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations more than paid advertisements.

This further validates that online content creation has come a long way.

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