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5 people to say “thank you to” on your graduation day

Looking back, it’s only as if yesterday when your parents first dropped you off on your first day of school, but here you are now, clad in your toga and dress, with a smile on your face and a diploma you by your hand.

You have finally made it, you have graduated.

Indeed, graduation can be one of the biggest and most memorable events of a person’s lifetime.

It’s a mix of emotions. To some, it’s truly something to be proud after years of hard-work, while others think it’s a bittersweet moment because it means bidding goodbye to friends and saying hello to the real world.

While it’s also exciting to think about what’s your next step in the future, graduation is also the best time to step back and thank the people who were there for you during your academic struggle and triumph – the people who made it possible.

Thank your teachers

Imagine having only one teacher in one class against many students? Have you ever thought how amazing that is? Sometimes, students tend to look at teachers as the people who only made student life hard. But truly, they are the unsung heroes that deserve every credit for what you have achieved. Without them, you will never acquire the knowledge and discipline you will need in the real word.


A simple thank you letter to your teacher would go a long way, but to make the gesture even grander, why not treat them to a staycation within the city. To do this, you can give them a bai Hotel Cebu gift voucher. This March 30 – 31, you can book discounted rates for their accommodations. For as low as P2,019, your teacher will get to enjoy a luxurious stay at the newest world-class hotel in the city.

Apart from a relaxing staycation, your teacher will be surprised with the all the eat-all-you-can food fest at bai Hotel’s exclusive restaurants: Marble + Grain Steakhouse, Ume Japanese Cuisine, Twilight Roofdeck Lounge + Bar  and Cafe bai, for discounted prices starting at P275.

Thank your classmates

After countless of group sessions in class, sharing thoughts and perhaps test answers, and study-outs spent at coffee shops late at night over endless paperworks, it’s nice to thank the classmates with whom you have shared the same struggle and dedication to achieve the diploma you have attained now.

Call them and invite them on a mini R&R. Enjoy a relaxing stay at a hotel as you recount your years of hard-work in school finally paid off. Why not go to Radisson Blu Cebu as they offer discounted room rates for only P5,555 available during the weekends. What’s more exciting is all graduates are treated with a complimentary lunch or dinner buffet at Radisson Blu’s Feria, as long as you tag along 2 paying guests. Book as early as now because promo ends until June 30 only.

Thank your friends

At some point in your school life, after an exhausting group defense or getting an F on your grades, sometimes you just needed a shoulder to cry on, and it was your friend who was there for you. We can all agree that friends are the best confidantes when it comes to school-related problems they can’t even relate to sometimes. It’s the best time to give them your appreciation by being there for you during your struggle, until now.

And what other great way to show your gratitude by celebrating your graduation with them with a gastronomic feast. To give you an idea on where to dine, at Bai Hotel Cebu, you can avail of their 10+1 buffet promo from March 1 to April 30. If you have a small group of friends, you can feast like a champ for P850 per person for their dinner buffet, and P700 per person for their lunch buffet until December 2019 at Quest Hotel and Conference Center. You also get to dine in for FREE if you bring at least 4 of your friends.

Another option is Seda Ayala Center Cebu’s lunch buffet priced at P850 per head. You can avail of their  4+1 promo for the Misto Restaurant, which is valid from March 1 – May 31.

Thank your parents

There’s definitely no other people who’s prouder than you are to yourself and that is your parents. From the very moment your parents first sent you to school, until you finally bid goodbye to your student-life, they took care, supported you not only financially but also emotionally, and showed you unconditional love – everything to equip you for a lifetime of success.

Savor your moment of success and gather your family and friends in an intimate graduation soiree. Perfect place to celebrate your party is at Montebello Villa Hotel. If you book with them, graduates get to have an overnight staycation at Montebello for FREE. Plus, you get to invite more people with its 5 + 1 promo for its Seafood Fiesta Buffet every Friday from 6-9PM, and its 10 + 2 for Spanish Night Buffet priced P799 per person, every Saturday from 6-9PM if you dine at La Terraza Restaurant. Hurry now because promo period ends on April 2019

Lastly, thank yourself

Do yourself a favor, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You have made it this far because of your perseverance, dedication and hard-work. Before you stress out on which path you’re going to take after your graduation, take time to relax and treat yourself with the things you missed out on while you were busy focusing on your education – you deserve it.

Treat yourself with a vacation with your friends or family, or splurge on a shopping spree. It’s also nice to keep a memento for this milestone. A Pandora jewelry for example, on their latest spring collection, each of their designs has a unique symbolism where you can convey your own self expression – you can treat it as a remembrance or serve as your good-luck charm when you venture out on the real world.

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