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Beyond Earth Hour: What else can you do protect the planet

All over the world, Earth Hour has inspired millions of people to take action in conserving and preserving nature. Your observance of the Earth Hour is a reminder of your commitment to be responsible in helping save the planet from total devastation.

Earth Hour is not just a ceremony or an hour of switching off your lights. Earth Hour is a pledge to protect the planet.

But what happens after Earth Hour? What else can you do to help protect the planet? What can you do to be a real and consistent earth warrior?

For CDN Digital’s Earth Hour series, we listed down some suggestions that will hopefully guide your decisions and actions when it comes to taking care of nature.

Reduce the amount of waste you create. Human beings are the ultimate waste generator. Single-use plastics are the environment’s mortal enemy. Lesser amount of waste in our homes mean lesser amount of garbage in our landfills. Bring your own water bottles and eco-bags to refrain from using disposable plastics.

Refuse what you do not need. How do you reduce the waste that you produce? You can actually, refuse! Refuse single-use plastic straws provided by restaurants, juice and food kiosks. Bring your own reusable utensils instead. Ditch styrofoam cups for paper cups; better yet, bring your own bottle. When grocery shopping, bring your own eco-bags so they do not have to place your items in plastic bags. Plastic bags take between 10 to 1,000 years to decompose. That,’s really bad for the environment.

Reuse old items. Instill new life and purpose into some of your regular household items and save them from trash. Think of sauce jars that can be reused as sugar and salt containers. Reuse your towel after using it once and rewear your pair of jeans so you can save on water. Think of ways on how you can reuse plastic containers, newspapers, magazines, bedsheets and clothes.

Recycle and upcycle. There is a multitude of items that can be recycled and upcycled. You only need a creative mind to make that happen. In case you are not feeling creative, seek help from the web. The Internet is a treasure trove of ideas on how you can transform certain items into functional ones.

Repair items. Do not buy a pair of shorts if your existing one can still be fixed with good-old needle and thread. If an appliance is not working and the cost of having a repairman fix it is reasonable, then keep the item. Sometimes we say that the item is not functional because we want to have a new one. Do not fall into this trap.

Be a mindful and responsible consumer and always consider the environment in whatever you do. Remember that you do not have to make big actions. Small actions and contributions, when done consistently and collectively, can have a bigger impact.

TODAY is #EarthHour 2019! While we fight against nature loss 🌎, we also have to work for a sustainable future. Share this if you’re going to switch off and speak up for #nature🌱

This series is also supported by our partners, SM City Cebu & SM Cares, Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD), & Aboitiz Power (www.aboitizpower.com).

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