5 reasons why being a mother is not an easy job

It’s only a few hours before Mother’s Day officially ends.

But here in CDN Digital, we are not yet done in honouring the women who have sacrificed so much and love us with all our hearts. 

We know that being a mom isn’t an easy job, and it’s definitely not a job for everyone. Raising a child while performing other duties and responsibilities, is a lot to handle. Imagine the stress and pressure a woman goes through every single day to fulfill all these responsibilities. 

To extend Mother’s Day celebration — because we really want to! — we compiled the reasons why being a mother is not an easy job. Read on!

The responsibility.

From waking up early and providing food on the table to working late night shifts, your mother has been hustling through each day like a warrior.  Not that she has to do everything perfectly, but she really has to do her best. Your safety and health – physically, emotionally, spiritually – falls on her shoulders. Her children are, and will always be, her first priority.

The constant worrying.

A mother’s love is indescribable. Some of us find it disturbing how our mothers call us more than usual whenever we’re out at night. They tell us we won’t understand until we have kids of our own. But even though she gets on our nerves sometimes, she’s only concerned about your safety. After all, she did carry you for nine months and have to raise until you’re steady on your feet. 

The ability to keep a strong face.

Whenever problems arise in the family, your mother’s head is always held high. She usually doesn’t show how affected she is when she’s in front of us, but it’s just because she doesn’t want you to get worried. She assures us that everything will fall into place in due time.

Becoming a role model.

A mother can immensely influence a child’s growth and development. Being a mother automatically puts you in the position of becoming a role model to your children. She always thinks of the outcome for every conscious decision she makes because it includes your well-being as her child. She decides what’s best for the family even if it means sacrificing things just to make her family happy.

Routine and discipline in life.

Since mothers are your first teachers in life, it’s extremely important to educate a child how to properly act and behave outside the household. Although she would love you to experience life on your own, she never fails to direct you to do what is always right and to consistently have integrity.

Becoming a mother changes your entire life and lifestyle as well. Despite the tough times your mother has faced, and will face through the coming years, she truly wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything. Her children are her pride and joy; the very creatures that fills her heart with happiness on a daily basis.

Happy extended Mother’s Day celebration! / celr

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