Here’s why the ‘Wow cool post, thanks for sharing’ is making rounds on Facebook

Move over trophies, here come the “badges.”

If you are on Facebook, then you may be aware of the social networking service’s “Top Fan Badge.” This specific badge is awarded to users who actively interact (like, share, and comment) with certain pages or groups.

Badges are beneficial to both fans and page admins as it only indicates an increase in sales and page engagement while fans can “possibly” receive a discount on the page/group’s products—or just get to brag and display their top fan status.

With this, Facebook users took this chance to another level by frequently commenting “Wow cool post, thanks for sharing” on every post, which eventually became viral and annoying. However, the trending “comment” can be considered as post spamming or auto-generated post that randomly responds to specific content on a certain page or group.

Aside from being an “auto-generated post,” a Reddit user also pointed out that this strategy is usually done by trolls to stop IGN, an American video game and entertainment website, from posting because they are “too woke these days.”

What’s up with the “Wow cool post IGN, thanks for sharing” comments all over IGN’s posts?
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So, if you want to avoid these comments showing in your comments section, you may check the Moderation Settings of the Facebook page. According to Gaming, click the Settings > General and then go to the Page Moderation where you may paste the exact phrase or words you want to block.

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