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Being chased by dogs inspires band to compose anime-inspired song

A screengrab from the fan-made lyric video of Summmoning Eru by Ahmed Naharaba.

Cebu City, Philippines— Anime is a big hit around the world not just because of its stories and graphics, but also because of its music.

In Cebu, a band is making waves online because of its anime-inspired song that is sang in Cebuano.

Juan Paasa, a Bisrock band, is getting attention because of its song entitled “Summoning Eru,” which comes from the Cebuano phrase, “Sa among iro” (To our dog).

Members of the band are Joemarc (bass), Bangkai Alas (guitars), Miggy Cerna (guitars), Van Mande (drums), and Mlex Villahermosa (vocals).

According to the band, the Summoning Eru is based on the experience of the band vocalist who was chased by a dog just recently.

“The studio where the band has their practice sessions is located near a house of an old maid who owned a lot of askals (asong kalye, mongrels) that were neither chained nor kept inside her property. Every time the band passes by this house, they were attacked by a gang of little fangs and balls of fur” a spokesperson of the band said through Facebook messenger.

Because of these incidents, the band was inspired to write a song about dogs.

So why was it done in anime fashion?

“If you’re wondering why it was made to sound like an anime soundtrack, it’s because the old maid happens to look like Yubaba from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, and the way our vocalist ran, it reminds us of how Naruto runs with his hands behind his back!” shared the band’s representative.

The band members are also anime fans and, in fact, were watching One Punch Man while writing the song.

A netizen, Ahmed Naharba, shared the fan-made lyric video of the song and it was this post that went viral, having been shared 46,000 times already.

The song is about to get more traction as the band promised to release the official music video soon, as they are now on the stages of editing. /bmjo

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