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AweSM Cebu Expo Offers Cebuanos a Gastronomic Lechon Treat

SM Seaside City Cebu is giving Cebuanos and tourists an awe-inspiring show of Cebu’s best local
products and delicacies.

Called AweSM Cebu Expo, the show aims to bring various food, souvenirs, and merchandise from the
different parts of the province inside of Cebu’s biggest mall.

One of the highlights of the AweSM Cebu Expo is the Grand Lechon Festival where eight lechon stores
from the different cities in Cebu are gathered:

These are Turik’s Lechon (Mandaue City), Kaka’s Lechon (Mandaue City), Bembee’s Lechon (Talisay City),
Abling’s Lechon (Talisay City), Gogoes Lechon Belly (Municipality of Lilo-an), JCT’s Lechon (Carcar City),
FF’s Lechon (Carcar City), Rico’s Lechon (Cebu City), and House of Lechon (Cebu City).

Kaka’s Lechon, a newcomer in the Lechon industry, takes pride in the unique taste of their lechon that is
enjoyed by the people of Mandaue.

They claim that the key to their success is a secret ingredient that has been developed over the years
since they have embarked on the lechon business.

With the help of SM Seaside City Cebu and the Department of Tourism of Mandaue, Kaka’s Lechon was
invited to this festive expo.

The stall keeper of Kaka’s Lechon, Grace Diaz, expresses her gratitude to SM for this event can make
their “Tatak-Mandaue” lechon be known to the locals and visitors of Cebu City.

Cebu City’s House of Lechon is also happy to present their famous lechon in this event.
Edna Caparoso, House of Lechon operations manager, shares that the House of Lechon’s participating in
this activity will surely give more exposure to their famous lechonCaparoso says that The AweSM Cebu Expo has given House of Lechon the opportunity to help sustain
the popularity of the savory taste of their lechon.

Kaka’s Lechon, the House of Lechon and the six other lechon stores have stalls located at the ground
floor of SM Seaside City Cebu.

To those, who want to experience a gastronomic treat of Cebu’s lechon, then this is the place to be at
until January 19. Come and satisfy your lechon-craving taste buds at AweSM City Expo.


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