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Metro provides sanitizing stations for shoppers in their Visayas stores

How can a retail establishment encourage people especially the shoppers to practice proper hand hygiene as one of the ways to protect them from getting any disease including the 2019 novel coronavirus?

For the Metro Retail Stores Group, it’s a simple gesture of providing sanitizing stations in entrances among their 46 Metro Stores across the Visayas.

The Metro Retail Stores Group is a company based in Mandaue City that runs and operates the 46 department stores and hypermarts in the Visayas.

The sanitizing stations are set up at the stores’ entrances where alcohol dispensers are placed for the customers use.

According to the Metro group, having sanitizer dispensers available in their stores will not only send a positive message to their customers, but it will also be an extra tool to enhance public health.

And this sanitizing stations’ concept has been realized with the partnership of International Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPI), a Cebu-based manufacturer and distributor of known pharmaceutical and consumer products.

IPI’s products include Casino Ethyl Alcohol, Efficascent Oil, and Bioderm soap.

“We hope that everyone will be reminded of the importance of sanitation and proper hand hygiene — and not just in the midst of the coronavirus threat in the country, but people should practice this on a daily basis,” said Belly Jean Ngujo, Casino Ethyl Alcohol brand manager, about establishing sanitizing or disinfecting stations in public areas.

Aside from the 46 Metro Stores, Ngujo said that they had also partnered with the managements of airports, schools and other establishments in public areas to make available more sanitizing stations using Casino Ethyl Alcohol dispenser pumps, which is in line with IPI’s commitment to providing wellness to Filipinos.

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