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CEBU CITY, Philippines— We now welcome the month of March— also known as the graduation season.

Graduation is the most awaited moment of a student’s life, (that’s after passing your thesis and all.)

And after months of running around the school preparing your requirements for graduation, the day has finally come!

*Cue in graduation music.

But in every graduation ceremony, you get to see the different kinds of graduates waiting to get that much-awaited diploma.

Let’s see if you find yourself in one of these graduates:

The crybaby — this graduate is overwhelmed with everything that has happened. This is the emotional one, the one who automatically cries when he or she hears the famous graduation march music.

The achiever— the graduate who goes up and down the stage more than twice. The graduate who can not seat in his or her designated seat because of the many awards to receive on stage. Can you imagine the number of medals this graduate has? Wow.

The glammed up— a graduate who looks like she is going to attend the graduation ball and not the graduation ceremony. This graduate sure does not like to look pale in her graduation photos. Big hair, glamorous makeup, and new shoes and everything!

The punctual and late— well, just like in every class, you can count on one or two students who come in late or come in way too early. And don’t be surprised if they come to your graduation an hour early or an hour late.

The graduate— this is the simple graduate who comes on time, with the right kind of glow up and who is ready with everything. The graduate who just wants to get this over with, with pure simplicity.

Oh, graduation day! This brings so many memories to those already working and brings butterflies to those who are still set to graduate.

No matter what kind of graduate you are, always remember this is a special day for you. So, make it count. /bmjo

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