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Primary Homes offers affordable housing with its Richwood Homes Bogo

Primary Homes-Bogo Model units | photo by Dianne Savillo

Primary Homes Bogo Model units | photo by Dianne Savillo

Homegrown property developer, Primary Homes Inc. (PHI), ventures into Bogo City, in an effort to continuously provide affordable housing for growing families.

Richwood Homes Bogo, the 4th in Primary Homes’ Richwood Series that is located in Cebu, Bohol, and Negros, aims to provide homebuyers a chance to live and experience owning an affordable house.

An endeavor to instill the minds of its clients that there is always more in just a home and investing in it.

Triple-A advantage

Primary Homes’ Richwood Homes Bogo is more about letting their clients establish roots — a place for families to call their home, which can provide space for the kids to explore and make memories.

With 257 units of 2-story townhouses, and 57 lot only properties, Richwood Homes Bogo aims to give the families, who are still starting, to live in a cozy home within their budget and enjoy the benefits of owning a home.

Along with the Richwood Series, this project takes pride in its Triple-A advantage — Astounding Community, Accessible location and Affordability.

“Richwood Homes Bogo seeks to give everything, with the community that would best fit their needs and amenities that will surely make their living one for the books,” said Michelle Cutang, Primary Homes Inc.’s marketing manager.

It is located at La Paz, Bogo City, Cebu which is just a couple of minutes away from churches, schools, seaports, and markets.

Primary Homes Inc.'s Richwood Homes property located at La Paz, Bogo City, Cebu | Photo by Dianne Savillo

Richwood Homes property located at La Paz, Bogo City, Cebu | Photo by Dianne Savillo

Prime location

Located along the main highway, Richwood Homes sits at a prime location, with everything in Bogo City close to its proximity.

Bogo City, a sixth-class city in the province of Cebu, has a population of over 100,000 based on the Philippine Statistics Authority’s 2015 data.

The city, being a prime destination for summer outings and excursions, will have an airport that will open soon.

“Bogo is the perfect place to invest; not only that the city is seen to evolve into an economic center with the development of commercial areas,” said Ramero Espina, vice president for sales and marketing of PHI.

Primary Homes Inc.'s Richmond Homes model unit's interior. | Dianne Savillo

Model unit’s interior | photo by Dianne Savillo

With the development and the rise of the city’s commercial areas, Bogo will also be seen as a prime location for future investments including those who wish to settle in for their retirement.

“Our accessible location makes it also a perfect place for those who wish to retire,” said Espina.


According to Espina, Richwood Homes’ market profile includes Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s), business owners, government employees and teachers, and young professionals.

“Since Bogo is close to almost all summer destinations in the north, this would also be a perfect investment which you can rent to travellers or put the property up for Airbnb, an online accommodation platform,” added Cutang.

“We even have buyers who purchase houses as a birthday present for their kids,” added Espina.

Primary Homes Inc.'s Master's Bedroom at the model unit. | Dianne Savillo

Master’s Bedroom at the model unit | Photo by DIanne Savillo

For as low as P1.3 million for the 2-storey house, or P600,000 for the 120 sq.m. for the floor area for the lot only option, Richwood Homes is perfect for anyone who dreams of owning a home after years of renting.

“Nindot gyud ka, imagine you pay rent for more than P10,000 a month but dili gihapon nimo ma own ang balay,” said Espina.

Primary Homes flexi payment options

Espina also boasts its flexible payment options and financing schemes.

“Because we strive to provide affordable housing options for our clients, we give them different. flexible payment options para ma kuha nila ilang dream house,” said Cutang.

Its financing schemes include in-house financing, bank financing, Pag-ibig loan, and more.

With its affordability, Espina assures the quality of its houses.

Architect's view of Primary Homes-Bogo property | Dianne Savillo

Architect’s view of Primary Homes-Bogo property | Dianne Savillo

“We use light strong materials for the constructions of our houses,” said Espina.

According to him, PHI is one of the pioneers in using light strong materials for building construction.

“These materials deflect heat so the inside of the house remains cool, most especially during the summer season,” said Espina.

With its prime location and quality of their houses, both Espina and Cutang encourage the public to invest in Richwood Homes.

“Not only affordable ang atong houses, paspas sad appraisal niya and will go as high as its selling price ug dali,” said Espina.

“With Richwoods and Primary, we always strive that we give value for money and that’s what we are proud of and we see Richwoods as a success soon,” added Cutang.

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