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How To Avoid Static Electricity Shock 

Though the static season is generally confined to the dry, cold winter months, it’s possible to get static shocks year-round — especially in an air-conditioned room.

If the mere thought of getting a static shock sends an uneasy wave of non-literal static electricity through your veins, you should have some tips and tricks to avoid getting a static shock up your sleeve — because yes, it can be avoided.

If the mere thought of getting a static shock sends an uneasy wave,

Use a Humidifier

By keeping the humidity in your home between 40 and 50 percent, you can seriously reduce the chance of being exposed to static electricity.

Wear Leather Soled Shoes

Rubber-soled shoes work as insulators, which means that they end up keeping a lot of built-up electricity in the body.

Leather is a much more porous surface, so as you walk around you’ll be not only collecting electrons but releasing them as well, keeping your charge more balanced.

Avoid Wool

Though wool might feel dry, it’s actually made up of a lot of water, which can act as a conductor and becomes a serious hotspot for static electricity.

 If you can’t stand getting a shock, avoid it at all costs in the winter and opt for cotton.

Avoid The Shopping Cart

If you’ve ever noticed that after you’ve walked around the grocery store for a while, your shopping cart seems to be possessed with electricity, it’s a real thing.

Metal shopping carts collect electricity as you push them around, so when you touch them with your bare skin, they give you a pretty noticeable shock.

Using a plastic basket or trolly is the most efficient way to avoid grocery store trauma.

Invest in anti-static wristbands

Some companies sell wristbands you can wear to reduce your risk of static shock. If altering your clothing and footwear does not work, this might be a wise investment.

Avoiding Static Shock in Public

Moisturize your skin before going out. Excessively dry skin, especially dry hands, increases the risk of static shock. Always moisturize your skin before you go out.

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