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Other ways you can fast during Lent

As we celebrate the season of Lent, many Christians will begin their fasting traditions.

But not everyone is familiar with the practices and traditions that Christians follow during Lent. There are still people that are aware of the religious observance but remain generally oblivious with the way Christians observe Lent.

While some might think that Lent is just about skipping meat and chocolates on Fridays, there are actually other ways on how Christians fast in this religious season.


It’s hard not to notice that our world is actually covered with noise. It is often disguised as talking, music, news, etc. and noise can be comforting, even addicting. But in time of Lent, giving up noise can actually help us reflect on ourselves to our God. Fasting from noise can serve as an invitation to hearing God’s word, God’s voice, and God’s love.


While it is considered an honor for one to be busy, it does not always translate to abundance. And being busy in time of Lent keeps us distracted from noticing God’s creation and presence.

It’s in these times that it’s important to take things slow and to fast from being busy. Make and seek some time with the Lord to gain some introspection about life and to focus on the things that truly matter.


In the current generation where we are surrounded by technology, giving up screen-time and the internet for Lent can be quite difficult. But Lent is a time for sacrifice and abstinence from social media is one way to observe the Holy Season.

By fasting on social media, you will realize how you have become too attached to it that you no longer have the time to engage with real-life conversations with your friends and loved ones. Temporarily disengaging from these digital connections will help you to live out a stronger reliance on God and will serve as a reminder that you truly need God alone and to take a moment to rely on Him.


As they say, gossips are just “harmless chatters” but in actuality, gossips are more insidious than meets the ear.

In this Holy Season of Lent, let us fast from all words that could offend others and God, who is offended when we offend others with our speech.
In addition to that, fasting from gossip requires us to pay more attention to our words and to what we share with others in conversation. It can result in promoting harmony in your home with family members, peace in your relations at work, charity to all people you meet.


Lent is about turning our lives over more fully to Christ and during Lent, we should strive to better understand Christ’s passion and death. Penance helps us achieve this and fasting is a form of penance.

So, fast from selfishness and show charity towards others this Lent onwards. Fast from indifference and show compassion to others who are in need, whether they need basic necessities like food and shelter, or they are in need of company and consolation. Sacrifice your time and energy to make a difference and transform your life and the lives of those whom you touch. You can strive to add this positive act into your life year-round and not just for the Holy Season.| dbs

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