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Unexpected ways to level-up your coffee game at home

Coffee gives us that extra energy boost we need in our daily activities. Some people even drink more than two cups a day.

Are you getting tired of your usual morning or afternoon cup of coffee? If it doesn’t keep you awake anymore because it’s just too plain and boring, we got your back!

Why not be creative and do some first experiments with your favorite drink? Here are some easy ways to upgrade your coffee game at home.


Make your coffee a unique and seasonal drink by adding a few slices of ginger before brewing.

If you have ground ginger, you can also add one to two teaspoons to make your coffee complete with many health benefits!


Make yourself a simple but tasty cup of mocha by adding some cocoa powder or cacao chocolate to your coffee!

Some varieties of cocoa or cacao are very bitter, so don’t forget to add milk and sweetener.

Coconut oil or milk

Coconut oil will add a pleasant nutty flavor to your hot cup!

Add a spoon to your mug and give it a stir before you sip, to mix the flavors well.

If you’re tired of your regular milk, try some coconut milk!

Coconut will surely make your drink more sweet and healthy as the plant-based milk alternative is low in calories.

Maple Syrup

Ran out of honey but got some extra maple syrup?

Although maple sugar is also available in stores, you can also try mixing your maple syrup to your coffee if you’re not having pancakes for breakfast!

Only stir enough amount to your coffee and your regular cup is now one or two levels more tastier!


What? Butter? Is this true? Yes!

Believe it or not, your butter will give you a wonderful combination of bitterness and creaminess to your coffee!

Some people even mix butter to their coffee to replace breakfast and call it bulletproof coffee.

Use about a half teaspoon of butter to add a new interesting flavor to your coffee.

Lemon or lime

You want something new right?

Well, it’s not really new because it’s already proven and tested

that adding fresh citrus flavors to your coffee gives you a refreshing taste!

Add a little lemon or lime juice to your next cup of coffee to jumpstart your day or even a lonely afternoon at home.


Are you a fan of anything salted like salted caramel, chocolate, any food that goes with salt?

Time to give your cup of coffee some new kick and add a little salt, now you have salted coffee!

While some people think it doesn’t sound right, add a sprinkle or two to your coffee grinds before brewing to discover  that it does make your coffee tasty and more enjoyable to drink.

How do you like your coffee? No matter what trick you try to level-up your coffee game, let us know what you mix to your coffee in the comments section of this video.


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