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Things you need to know about cabbages

Cabbages, these watery vegetables are often overlooked in the kitchen.

But did you know this leafy vegetable is packed with nutrients that can help fight against microbes and pathogens that may threaten our immune system?

Read on as we run through some of the health benefits of cabbages.

They are packed with nutrients

Among notable nutrients found in cabbages are calories, protein, fiber vitamin C and K, manganese, and potassium.

As you can see, cabbages are rich in vitamins that are essential for energy metabolism and the normal fuctioning of our immune system.

Because of its fiber content, these help our body produce antioxidants to help fight microbes.

Cabbage packs Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that has many important roles in the body.

According to, an online medical news site, vitamin C is needed to make collagen, which is the most abundant protein found in our body. It also helps protect the body from damage caused by free radicals, normally ossociated with chronic diseases.

Generally, your body needs vitamin C for many important function and cabbages might provide just the right amount of vitamin C for our body.

Improves digestion

If you want to improve your digestive health, cabbages might to the right thing for you.

According to, these crunchy veggies is packed with gut-friendly fiber known as insoluble fiber.

These type of fiber cant be broken down, which adds bulk to stools and promote regular bowel movement.

It also provides fuel for friendly bacterias found in our stomachs to help promote digestion and bowel movement.

Cabbages are the simplest veggie you can add to your diet

In addition to being super nutritious, cabbages are also delicious and can be uses to a plethora of dishes.

They can be eaten raw, cooked if you plan on making salad our soups, or a staple mix to our samgyupsal.

Aside from being extremely affordable, cabbages are the most versatile among all the veggies you can grab in your kitchen.

Our bottom line

Cabbages are a super food.

It has an outstanding nutrient profile and is high on vitamin C to help combat diseases and microbial attacks.

Plus, these veggie make a tasty inexpensive combination to your recipes.

With its potential benefits, it is easy to say why cabbages deserve some time in the spotlight and more room on our plates. /bmjo

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