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People & Ideas: Marcomm Practitioners’ New Normal

There is no denying that this is a challenging time to be alive. With no cure in sight, the pandemic has brought nothing but health concerns, global fear, and financial impact in the country.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world as we know it has turned upside-down as the people’s work, habit, and buying patterns have been drastically altered.

As social distancing becomes the new normal and various businesses and organizations implement remote work, how will marketing strategies evolve in these uncertain times?

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The role of marketing and communication has really evolved during the Coronavirus ( COVID 19 )period. We need to be focusing forward and thinking through creative and innovative marketing strategies and practices that will navigate the business through this new normal. Marketers now are using social media effectively by focusing less on promotions but rather looking for ways to improve credibility, trust, and most importantly reputation.

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MarCom underwent a paradigm shift during the course of Covid19. From the typical click, like and share, to authenticity, credibility, and trust. From what we want our audience to see, to what our audience needs to know truthfully. Actually, it will still evolve and would require innovative approaches as we shift to the new normal.

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The current global crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic demands strategic communication approaches that effectively convey relevant and mindful messages delivered with utmost sensitivity. In order to strengthen brand value, marketing mechanism should deliberately communicate the company’s culture of compassion and proactive response to the situation instead of engaging in direct promotional blitz. Working for a company with a heartfelt mission coupled with evident action, Making Lives Better Through Education, unleashed the true spirit of community among our stakeholders during these challenging times.

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Marketing in a pandemic can be tricky. While the end goal is for your intended market to avail of the products that you are offering, you need to remember that sensitivity and empathy should guide you in your process. Try to understand what they need first, and figure out where you can fill in the gap. Is it food? Is it self care? Is it a way to celebrate something?

People are prioritizing essential items over luxury these days. And granted, “essential” can be relative for some, but authentic marketing with a heart is what gets through. People respond more if they see that a brand understands them and is not detached from present realities. Instead of saying – “Here, buy this,” let our communication say, “How can I help you during this time?”












If medical professionals served as front liners of the COVID19 pandemic, I believe marketers will play an enormous role as front liners of the economic crisis. Integrated brand communication strategies were already evident even during the course of the pandemic. They have become more digitally-transformed, purpose-driven, and experience-focused. But one must not forget that content marketing should translate to financial growth.

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