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Remember these do’s and don’ts when riding your bike

Are you new to biking or relearning how to ride one since your last drive when you were eight years old with training wheels?

Well, you better sharpen those riding skills because it seems to be the best way to get around right now when you need to do errands. Just remember to always pay attention to the road.

Aside from keeping your bicycle in top shape and maintaining your tires and chain from damage, it’s also important to learn traffic rules, of course.

Switching to drive a bike from your regular commute can be good for your health and with the ongoing health concerns, be safer for you, as long as you remember these do’s and don’ts that we compiled for you.

Make sure to set the right seat height when riding your bike. | CDN Stock Photo

1. Make sure to set the seat height right

A common mistake with beginners is setting the seat too low and causing pain in the front knee. Having the wrong seat height can put you at risk for injuries.

Most people feel more comfortable and confident if their feet can reach the ground but seats that are too low causes you to under-extend during your pedal stroke.

To have the right seat height, your knee should be slightly bent at the bottom of your pedal stroke, without rocking your pelvis.

Instead of carrying a heavy back pack, install a basket instead. | CDN Stock Photo

2. Don’t carry a heavy backpack

Carrying weight on your back while you ride your bike will make your back sore or leave your back with much sweat especially on a hot day. Thus, a heavy backpack is not a good option when riding your bike.

The best option would be installing a basket or any carrying system that you can use to load certain items that you need such as grocery items.

Another option would be investing on a rear rack or a rear carrying crate if you regularly bring heavy items with you.

Don’t forget to wear protective gears when you go for a ride. | CDN Stock Photo

3. Wear protective gear

Always remember that the road is not only meant for two-wheeled bicycles. There are many vehicles and other bikers like you.

Whenever you’re riding a bicycle, prioritize your safety and wear a helmet at all times. Invest in a quality helmet that you can wear on hot and unexpected rainy days to protect your head in case of an accident.

By wearing a good quality helmet, you can prevent any serious head injury that can lead to life-threatening problems. Wear your helmet also to set a good example for all bikers on the road.

If you’re not familiar with hand signals, it’s best to install a bell ring. | CDN Stock Photo

4. Practice signals and hand signs

Aside from focusing on the road and pedestrians, make sure you know your signals. Signals and hand signs serve as a warning for other motorists and bikers on the road.

You can also invest in a quality bike ring bell that you can use while you’re on the road as well. By practicing signals and hand signs you can avoid unwanted accidents.

When going for a ride, don’t forget to drink water and stay hydrated. | CDN Stock Photo

5. Don’t forget to hydrate

If your main means of transportation right now is your bike, make sure to bring a bottle of water and eat before hitting the road.

You can also bring a snack to consume after riding and when you’re about to resume riding.

Drinking lots of water and not forgetting to eat before riding your bike will keep you focused and prevent you from being tired on the road. You can also prevent dizziness under the heat of the sun and other factors while on the road and riding your bike.

If you know more biking tips that can help riders on the road, let us know in the comments section of this video.




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