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Netizen creates FB page to help the homeless in Cebu

Leigh Ybañez and the boxes of grocery items ready to be distributed to the homeless elderly individuals around Cebu City. | Contributed photo.

CEBU CITY, Philippines—A netizen launched a Facebook page aimed at helping the homeless here.

Leigh Ybañez, who has once sought help for a homeless elderly in Cebu City, created the Hinabang sa Sugbo Donation Drive page in the hope of being able to raise funds that can help the homeless elderly around Cebu City.

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Ybañez, who is just 24 years old, told CDN Digital that help came overflowing after others knew about her donation drive.

“Because daghan willing mo donate. Naka accumulate kog 20k kapin gud within two weeks. Abi nakog ako2x lang ani ba, kutob ra pag first donation drive. But daghan man ni donate, so ako nalang jud sha gihimog murag foundation,” she said.

(Because a lot are willing to donate. I have accumulated P20,000 in just two weeks. I thought I had to do this all by myself and it will only be a one-time thing. But a lot are willing to donate, so I decided to make it into sort of a foundation.)

Some donations came from her family and friends. But most of the donations came from netizens who saw her posts and her willingness to share blessings to those needy, especially the homeless and the elderly.

“Daghan kay kog ma sugatan sa streets nga mga old ug mga disabaled. I saw that they too need some help, so I’m doing this, kutobs makaya,” she added.

(I have seen a lot of elderly and disables people on the streets. I saw that they too need help, so I’m doing this as long as I am able to.)

Hinabang sa Sugbo Donation Drive Facebook page welcomes all those who are willing to donate in kind or in cash.

Meanwhile, Nanay Faustina, whom Ybañez helped, has been getting her medicines and food supply from the group regularly.

“Sa iyang samad, we’d have to wait nga okay na adto-an ang hospital. Kay sa case ni nanay kuyaw pa gyud, naa nay doctor willing mo help and naa nay ni sponsor sad sa iyang mga check up,” said Ybañez.

(For her wound to be checked, we’d have to wait until it is safe for Nanay to go to the hospital. Because in Nanay’s case it is still very risky to bring her to a hospital. There’s already a doctor who is willing to help and someone has already sponsored her check-ups.)

Ybañez hopes the page she created can help more homeless elderly individuals in the city. Those interested in helping can drop a message in the Hinabang sa Sugbo Donation Drive Facebook page to notify Ybañez. /bmjo

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