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How life’s uncertainties led this woman to her dream business and love of her life

Everything in life happens for a reason.

Mary Grace Yap said that it was only recently when she realized that the years that she devoted to her work and family and even her accident in 2017 was all part of God’s plans. All of these were preparations for bigger things that were in store for her.

Looking back, Yap said she was happy that she managed to face all the challenges that came her way and she faced all these with a determination to always succeed and overcome her every trial.

“Always remember that SUCCESS takes time and it’s never going to be a walk in the park. Competition out there is really tough but you have to continue BELIEVING not just in your PRODUCT but also in YOURSELF. Always believe in your POTENTIAL and continue reaching the stars. Sooner or later, you will go back to those sleepless nights that made you who you are today and it’s worth it. Always remember that GOD is a generous GOD and HE knows what’s the BEST for each one of us. Just give him an easy job to shower us HIS overflowing blessings,” she said.

Mary Grace Yap together with her boyfriend, Ronan Murillo, during one of their deliveries for their lechon business. | Contributed photo

Pursuing your heart’s desire

Yap, 34, said it took her years before she finally got what she really wanted, which was to start a lechon (roasted pig) business.

Shortly after the birth of MyPapart’s Lechon, a business that she co-manages with her boyfriend Ronan Murillo, their product became one of the most trusted in the market today.

When she was younger, she never had the opportunity to pursue her heart’s desire because of her lack of capital and the need to attend to the needs of her family.

From 2012 to 2016, Pacaldo’s life revolved around her BPO work and her family.  She did not even have time for love then.

Pacaldo still worked in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry after she finished Management Accounting in college.  She also had nephews and nieces to take care of after their father was diagnosed with a medical condition in 2012.

A lechon business is Mary Grace’s most sought-after dream. | Contributed photo

Tragic Accident

Her dreams started to crumble when she figured in a vehicular accident after attending Sinulog festivities in 2017.  Her accident gave her temporary paralysis.

She was unable to do simple things like eating on her own or going to the comfort room while she was at the hospital.

Unexpectedly, Murillo visited her at the hospital and offered to take care of her.  Murillo, 34, was her neighbor in Lapu-Lapu City.  They met in December 2016 shortly after he returned home from a work that he used to have in Japan.

While at the hospital, Murillo fed her and helped change her diapers.

“For several years of being single, all I thought was, I don’t need a man for me to be happy. But circumstances made me realize that there are things in life that we really need a significant other to take care of us just like when I needed him to change my diapers when I was still hospitalized,”  Yap said.

They decide to make their relationship official a few months after she was discharged from the hospital.  In October 2017, they agreed to open a packed lunch business with Murillo as the cook.

Term of Endearment

Fast forward, their packed lunch business became a Lechon business which they named MyPapart’s Lechon.

“Papart” was their term of endearment, Yap shared.

“Life has a knack of giving me sweet surprises because I met a man whom I didn’t expect could be my business partner too,” Yap said.

They made their big launch at the Sugbu Mercado Food Park located at the Asia Town IT Park in February 2019.  Since then, their Lechon business became a hit in the Cebuano community because of its special taste and crispiness.

They also opened more branches at The Market in Mandaue City and Sugbo Mercado in Lapu-Lapu City.

Customers line up for MyPapart’s Lechon food products at one of the food markets in Cebu. | Contributed photo

Lechon packages

MyPapart’s Lechon offers whole lechon, lechon belly, lechon packages, food trays, bulalo, lechon sisig and snack items which include burgers and milk tea products, among others. They also offer food catering service.

Buyers who do not have time visit their branch in Lapu-Lapu City store can still avail of their delicious lechon and other meals through Lalamove, the Philippines’ leading on-demand, same-day, and door-to-door delivery service.

For their lechon and food tray packages, the couple encourages advance booking so orders can also be prepared ahead of time and delivered as needed.

Buyers are always assured of getting the safest and best quality lechon with their every purchase.

With the threat of the pandemic, Yap said that they adhere to government regulations imposed on the food industry.

MyPapart’s Lechon offers not just affordable, but also crispy and tasty lechon. | Contributed photo

Future plans

In the coming years, Yap said, they plan to further expand their market and open MyPapart’s Lechon stalls in the different malls in Cebu and even in other parts of the country.

By growing their business, Yap said that she will also able to share her mantra in life – never give up! – with others who are looking for inspiration to pursue their dreams.

With Murillo by her side, Yap said, she is also more confident to overcome whatever trials would come her way in the future.

Do not forget to grab MyPapart’s Lechon today! Check out their offerings below:

Catering Services:

  • Option 1: P 230/pax (minimum of 60pax)
    Four Main Dish
    Two Waiters
    Complete Buffet Set Up
  • Option 2: P 280/pax (minimum of 50pax)
    Five Main Dish (Including Beef)
    Three Waiters
    Complete Buffet Set Up

Food Trays:

MyPapart’s Lechon requires a minimum order of P675  that is good for 10-15 persons for their seafood and meat products and P450 for their vegetable dishes. A minimum rate of P500 is also fixed for their pasta dishes.

Whole Lechon prices:

  • P 6, 000 – good for 30 to 40 persons
  • P 6 ,500 – good for 40 to 50 persons
  • P 7, 000 – good for 50 to 60 persons
  • P 7, 500 – good for 60 to 70 persons
  • P 8, 000 – good for 70 to 80 persons
  • P 8, 500 – good for 80 to 90 persons
  • P 9, 000 – good for 90 to 100 persons
  • P 9, 500 – good for 100 to 110 persons
  • P 10, 000 – good for 110 to 120 persons

Visit their official Facebook page or contact MyPapart’s Lechon at 0923 438 3960 and 0975 018 2025 for your orders and other concerns.

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