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Bantayan native uses time in quarantine to make unique art pieces using stuff found at home

CEBU CITY, Philippines— While others try to stay fit or learn a new recipe while in quarantine, this student from Bantayan Island in northern Cebu has something else in mind. She uses simple things found at home to art pieces.

Thea Disabelle is a communication student who recently shared some of her art works made out of the common stuff found at home online.

Just recently, her “soy sauce” art created abuzz online because of how she used soy sauce as her medium to create a “painting” on her canvass— a plate.

But little did we know that aside from trying out soy sauce art, she also makes use of petals to create ensembles and uses their cups at home as her canvass in creating simple artwork.

Disabelle said that since she was a kid, she already had an eye for art and has been painting using acrylic and watercolor. Heck, she even tried using coffee to make art.

“I do paintings and try new things with whatever I see as something that I can transform into art,” said Disabelle.

The 19-year-old also likes doing digital art and editorial cartooning.

Here are some of her works done during the quarantine time:

quarantine art

Photo courtesy of Thea Disabelle

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