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‘Forever flowers’ winning Cebuanos’ hearts

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Don’t you just love looking at beautiful flowers you can put in your home?

Looking at these flowers in bloom somehow gives us a sense of relaxation.

Unfortunately, these beautiful flowers will wilt in just a couple of days, lose their vibrant colors and their pleasant aroma.

But don’t let this bring you down because there is a way to make these lovely flowers stay in your homes a little bit longer than a week and make your home aesthetically beautiful.

How? Dried flowers or what is sometimes called the “forever flowers.”

Dried flowers are now a thing here in Cebu all thanks to this creative lady — Chyrel Gomez.

Gomez, who works in the events industry, is making dried flowers a new staple house decor in this time of the pandemic.

“Before I started selling, I used to give away fresh and dried flowers that I have personally air-dried to friends. These were flowers that we’ve used back when events were aplenty, and before COVID happened,” she said.

She officially started her online business driedflowersph earlier this month and is receiving an overwhelming response from Cebuanos.

But why choose and sell dried flowers?

Dried flowers can last for more than one to two years with proper care, earning them the name “forever flowers”.

Aside from beautifying a space at home, dried flowers can be used as bookmarks, especially to those who are into journals.

They are pollen-free so there won’t be sneezing around, and they are considered zero-waste, which gives you the rustic and charming vibe at home.

Interested in how these dried flowers look like?

Here let CDN Digital indulge you with some rustic and minimal feels with the use of dried flowers.

dried flowers

Dried flowers anyone? | Photos by Richard John Pozon.

Dried flowers dried flowers


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