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Wonggoys and LOURDES join forces for a bop

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Wongoys’ and LOURDES’ upcoming single “Wingman” | Contributed Photo

It’s the music collaboration we’ve all been waiting for. Band of brothers Wonggoys and Queen LOURDES sat down to write a little ditty titled, “Wingman.” The quarantine has definitely not stopped these artists and 22 Tango Records from serving us songs that keep the fun and inspiration alive during this odd season.

Wingman honors the unsung hero of our dating lives. It’s about that friend who’s always game to give that nudge of encouragement when we’re too scared to shoot our shot.

The Wonggoys and LOURDES

FROM LEFT: Gabe, LOURDES, Kyle, and Billy

The inception of Wingman happened quite naturally in February. LOURDES shares, “We were all together in the studio one night because the boys had a recording session scheduled. I remember telling them it’d be cool if we did a collab! I’ve always wanted to write a song together with the boys. I went to their house, drank, and wrote the song.” Wonggoys lead vocalist, Gabe, adds, “We looked at each other and gave each other winks, smiles, and nods.” The collaboration was a fun and easygoing experience with the artists swinging lyrics and melodies back and forth at each, as LOURDES describes. Gabe says, “We’ve tried to collab with other artists before but this is the only time we ever got it done. Working with LOURDES was wicked easy that it only took us less than 3 days to finish writing the song.”

A few days after, they had a demo recording prior to the first lockdown. According to music producer, Cattski Espina, “Post production and almost all instruments were done off-site, while all vocals were done in the studio. It took a total of three months to finish the single.” The throwback vibe of the song celebrates the iconic sound of 90s R&B, soul, and hip-hop.

This new single will be released on all digital platforms on Friday, September 11, and will be part of a third Wonggoys album, which is still in the works.

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