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Awkward things we do when we’re being around our crushes

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Look there’s your crush! Act normal!

Of course, we don’t act normal when our crushes are around.

We either sweat like a runner while standing, or we automatically act like a weirdo.

There’s just this one crazy detail about having a crush that makes us act all awkward.

Relate much? Here are some of the awkward things we do when our crushes are around:

Smiles, smiles, and smiles— smiling is good no doubt, but smiling is kind of weird when your crush comes at you and asks you a question, and then you are just there and smiling. Time to talk, sweetie.

Rehearsing answers— when you see them being around, you automatically create a scenario in your head, like you and your crush conversing. You practice your answers so for you not to look weird, but ending up saying a completely different answer.

Revealing information— in this case TOO much information. You either reveal your embarrassing moment when you were or a kid or reveal something about him which you learned from stalking all his social media accounts.

LOL— literally laughing our LOUD. Take note, the person is not even saying a very funny joke, you just laugh too loud and wonder why you are laughing that loud too.

Flips or touches hair— people have this weird fetish of either flipping or fixing their hair when someone they like is around. Fix it to the right then fix it to the left, will you just stop fixing your hair and act normal!

Voice reaches a few octaves higher— all of a sudden you talk in a high pitch tone. For some, it comes naturally but for others, they think it’s cute, hmmm maybe but for most it is annoying.

Talking to your crush is such an underrated achievement.

So today, on National Crush Day, take this chance to talk and try not to be weird being around or communicating with your crush! /dbs.

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