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Cebu teacher’s magical voice captivates students, netizens

CEBU CITY, Philippines— A teacher who sings is a teacher who shines!

That’s exactly how this 24-year-old grade school teacher from Urgello, Cebu City caught not just the attention of her students, but also of netizens.

Jeryline Aves, who loves to sing since she was four years old, shared with CDN Digital a video of her version of the famous song from the play ‘The Sound of Music’ titled Do-Re-Mi.

Her passion for singing combined with her love for teaching resulted in something beautiful and creative during this new educational set-up due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Aves, who is a music teacher, said the video is her way of connecting with her pupils.

“Even though I can get a copy of it online, I still recorded it because I think they look up to me and they’re used to me teaching them. I made the video as interactive as possible,” she said.

With a her magical voice, one can really say that this two-minuter video is conducive for learning.

Aves said that her talent in singing was honed back in college, where she was a member of the Cebu Normal University Chorale. This paved the way for her to work not just on her singing skills but her confidence as well.

She said that even if she would have to retake the videos a couple of times just to perfect it, she would gladly do it just as long as her pupils would enjoy and learn from it.

Watch the video here:

Do Re Mi video by teacher in Cebu

WATCH: Instead of just downloading the song online, Jeryline Aves, a 24-year-old grade school teacher in Cebu opted to record herself while singing the Do, Re, Mi song to make it more interactive for her Grade 3 music pupils. This was also her simple way of connecting with her students under this new educational set-up. With a voice like yours, you will surely get the attention of your pupils and they may even want to hear more from you, Jeryline! | Video courtesy Jeryline Aves via Immae Lachica #CDNDigital

CDN Digital 發佈於 2020年9月28日 星期一

A few hours after posting her video on the CDN Digital page, it has already been shared 201 times and has been viewed 14,000 times.


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