Here’s why all teachers rock!

CEBU CITY, Philippines— From teaching us the alphabet to molding us into battle-ready professionals, teachers have always played an important role in our lives.

They help us climb our own ladders of success.

For that, we are truly indebted to all our teachers for the patience, care, and support they have shown us over the years.

Here are some reasons why teachers rock:

They’re frank

This may sound a little harsh, but they are one of the few people who will listen to us and at the same time tell us frankly if you’re not ready for the real world just yet. They will say no, without hesitation, and then sharpen your potential and eventually make you ready for the road ahead.

Supportive 100 percent

From honing you into becoming a fine professional and a good citizen, they will never forget to back you up and make sure people know that you are a qualified person. They will message you from time to time saying how proud they are with what you have become and will always correct you if they feel you’re getting out of line.

Masters of patience

Back in the day when we struggle from time to time, you seldom see your teachers give up on you. This is not because they are simply doing their job. It’s because they know you have the potential and know you just need time and the right kind of guidance to get you by.

Best friends

They simply become one of our friends, but on a different level. When we all graduate from school and start living our own lives, we still have our teachers as our constant stress absorbers. We still can leave them messages randomly about updates in our lives and they’d actually be happy to hear from us every now and then.

Help us discover our passion

We are guessing that this is out of the teacher’s instinct. They have this skill to let us try new things and at the end of it, we end up loving it and it suddenly becomes something we are passionate about. They allow us to be who we are and by that, they simply open that avenue for us to love and be passionate about something.

So can you imagine a life without teachers?

Happy Teachers’ Day to the teachers who selflessly gave their time and effort to molding us to become somebody someday.

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