Akiko Solon Lockdown: Music Playlist

By: - October 12, 2020

While many turn to learning new hobbies this quarantine period, there are some that lingers and rekindle their faith to the Lord as a way of coping with the pandemic.

Twenty six year-old singer and actress Akiko Solon is no exception. In her episode with CDN Digital’s Lockdown: A Break from the outbreak series, Solon shared how her faith in God brought her peace while being stuck at home.

In her jamming session Solon encouraged viewers to keep their faith in God while they continued to face trying times.

“Have more time to talk to God, and like me pray the rosary every night,” Solon shared.

Besides praying, Solon also said that she had been putting up her own vlog as a way of keeping in touch with her fans. Solon, who played Lucy in ABS-CBN’s “Pasion de Amor”, told CDN Digital that she had also been doing song covers.

She also reminded everyone to find time to check ones physical and mental health.

“Kay sa ka busy nato sa work, sa life, Wala na tay time usahay to ask ourselves, if okay ta. If kumusta atong nafeel. What we think is for us to be okay kay mukayod lang jud for the future. We keep ourselves busy jud. Not knowing na dili na diay ta okay,” she said.

(Because we are so busy with our work, our lives, we don’t have enough time to ask ourselves anymore if we are okay. If we check about how we feel. What we think is for us to be okay because we work hard for the future. We keep ourselves busy not knowing that we are not okay after all.)

For her plans, Solon said that she would first have to unwind and have time for herself when the pandemic would be over.

While we continue to navigate the uncertainties this pandemic have brought us, we try to score her energy and ask for a playlist she can share to help us get through the rough times.

Here’s a list of tunes she suggests to help one go through the many moods that isolation can bring:



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