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In every relationship there is…


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Being in a relationship takes a lot of understanding and compromise to make it work.

People get into relationships thinking that it’ll always be cruising down honeymoon avenue.


Being in a relationship is a beautiful risk that comes with a lot of adjustments.

Because in every relationship there will always be…

Ups and downs

Once you start getting to know each other, colors will come and it is up to you if you want to accept that person and his flaws and all or leave. Ups and downs do not always break relationships, they, most of the time, build a good foundation for one.


No matter how much you shower your partner with love and affection, insecurities will eventually come creeping in. How do you  make your partner feel secure? Reassuring him or her of your love once in a while can do the trick.

Problem with time

One might be very busy to hang out or make time for the other partner, but do bear in mind that if you set your priorities straight and the right kind of time management, this problem can be fixed.

Friends’ time

This is where most relationships fail (yikes!) because one partner makes it a point to make the other partner feel like he or she does not need time to be with his or her friends. Again, WRONG! Give yourselves a break from each other and go see your friends, together or separately. Friends help make a relationship healthy.

Talks about the future

If you are in for a serious relationship, talking about the future should not scare you off or make you feel like your partner’s in a hurry. Talking about the future can make your relationship easier if you both know where you are heading to and are on the same page.

Many things can happen in every relationship.

There are times we cry and times we laugh. But all in all, these things will surely teach us a thing or two about being inrelationship.


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