Happiness can be…


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Smiling is the best sign that one is happy.

But sometimes, smiling is just a simple thing people do to act happy.

More often than not, a lot of people try so much to be happy not knowing that sometimes, the simplest things can get you the right kind of happiness.

Here are some of them:

Staying at home

While others are out and about trying all the new restos in town and spending their days on the beach or elsewhere, you can be happy simply by staying at home doing the things you like and being safe.

Saying NO

Saying NO is much more rewarding than you think it is. We say yes so often that sometimes we forget that we have put ourselves in a sticky situation, causing us major anxiety and doubt. Say no, it helps.

Minding your own business

Live in your world and stop thinking of what others may think of you. Let them be and live your life the way you want it to be lived.

Letting go

Letting go of whatever that is bothering you and hurting you, try to reconnect with yourself and make a fresh start. This may be simple to say but it sure is something more challenging to do, but do it anyway. Free yourself from negativity and anxiety.

Stop pretending

Just be you. Trust  that being yourself is enough.

Happiness is indeed a choice, and start making that choice now by doing these simple things that can somehow bring happiness into your life.


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