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Simple things that can make your lady happy


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Many of us think women are ‘high maintenance.’

Well, part of this statement is true. Let’s not deny that fact.

But what others always miss out on is that girls can also be happy with simple things.

Yes, they do!

Here are the simple things ladies also appreciate:


Her feelings are the most prized possession she has, so don’t hurt them by neglecting her and acting like you don’t value and respect her.


To be loyal is one of the many things that can make a relationship work. There’s nothing more rewarding than letting your partner sleep well at night even if you are out drinking with your friends. Appreciate the time she gives you by trusting you to remain loyal to her and to your relationship.


“You are enough.” This is just one of the many things you can tell her to recharge whatever’s draining her out. Let her know that no matter the weather, it will always be her.


Time is your best friend when you feel like you have been drifting apart. Realign and set some time to spend with each other.


Talk! If you are mad, tell her, if you feel that you are being choked, tell her. All she wants to know is that you are still on the same page with her. Talk about the small things of the day, the little victory you had, the craziness that happened between you, your work, or family, keeping communication lines open makes things easier for both of you.

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See, these are just simple things guys can do to please their lady love.

And ladies, don’t forget to appreciate your man from time to time, too.


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