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Things you shouldn’t feel sorry for


CEBU CITY, Philippines–Here’s what you should start doing today: Start living life unapologetically.

Yes, start living your life by not feeling bad about how you choose to live your life.

Let these simple reminders walk you through:

Working at your own pace

Everything takes time, and others may have it faster than you but, that does not mean you are losing the game called life. Trust your own pace, if you are still enjoying the things you have now, good, move forward when you are ready, not when you are pressured.

Minding your own business

Some people may never agree with the things you like or dislike so be it. Letting them into your business will most likely cause confusion to you and how you like to live.


Stop being sorry for accepting that this is your situation. Moreover, stop saying sorry for accepting how things have turned out for you.

Cutting off ties

This does not mean you are a bad person. This means you want that sense of security in your life by picking the right people to let into your life.

Not knowing

Don’t be sorry for not knowing everything and what’s going on with the people who matters to you, not knowing that not mean not caring, it just goes to show that you would just want to keep your mindful distance and let them come to you when they feel like they need to.



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