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Why I love being at DBS Cebu

I have been to a few companies in the industry and none of them is quite like Dover Business Services (DBS) Cebu. When I decided to join DBS, it was like finally completing a crossword puzzle, it’s like finding the one, everything just fits. And I’m not just talking about the company’s competitive compensation and benefits package or its reputation as one of the most credible and highly performing shared service centers in Cebu, but DBS just sets the bar high in almost everything.

The past two years have been really great for DBS as the company was awarded with Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2019 and 2020 given by World HRD Congress held in Singapore and Mumbai and continues to be a leading employer in the region. The company’s career development plan for each employee aligns with their employees’ career goals and aspirations. DBS invests in their employees and makes sure that everyone is nurtured and guided with its continuous learning development programs and reinforces that DBS is a place of opportunities. Also, the company gives opportunity to some of their employees for immersion, training and process transition to different DBS locations across the globe.

Another profound reason why I love being at DBS is simply because of the people. Its great culture, joyful vibe, and its very inclusive organization are uniquely DBS. They see to it that employees reach their full potential at the same time never compromise work-life balance. Just like what my workmates always tell me, at DBS they found a family, they found their home.

DBS fosters a collaborative environment and encourages employees to work together in driving successful and meaningful projects.



Training Specialist

As per my colleague Drei who works as a Senior Accountant, he loves working at DBS because in DBS there is growth, there is progress, My voice is heard and my opinion matters in DBS. I feel psychologically safe and it is empowering to know that the work that we do, the achievements that we make, no matter how big or small, are duly recognized. I also like it that the company welcomes fresh ideas and always encourages us to further expand our career. With our growth mindset in DBS, we continually graduate from being to becoming.”

Likewise, for Van, Training Specialist, he is delighted to be at DBS because it is an environment for learning and collaboration, “Employees never miss an opportunity to learn something new with regular company sponsored webinars and certifications. Also, in the company we work towards a common goal. DBS fosters a collaborative environment and encourages employees to work together in driving successful and meaningful projects.”

I know 2020 has been a very tough year for all of us, but we sure know it always gets better. Fortunately for us at DBS, the company has been by our side all throughout this pandemic and supported us right at the times when we need them most. From providing us with tools and equipment to effectively work remotely, to consciously implementing additional employee benefits package, DBS has been our true north amidst the uncertainty. It is comforting for us that no matter how difficult this health crisis gets, DBS will see us through.

Of course, all these things we enjoyed at DBS would not be possible if not because of its solid leadership team. Our leaders at DBS listen to their people and give value for the work that we do. Our leaders are the leaders we wish we had when we started our career. Though, nothing is perfect, there is still work to be done, we are confident our leadership team can handle any adversity ahead.

DBS has already made a significant mark in the shared service industry considering it’s only been three years since it was formed last April 2017. Within those years DBS has successfully paved the way in empowering, engaging and elevating workforce through its world-class employee experience – evident with the accolades the company has received.

These are just some of the many reasons why we do what we do and why we love being at DBS. There is so much more about this company than meets the eye and truly, DBS is the best place to be. I can tell you it’s a great joy working here and we are definitely excited for what’s ahead for DBS.



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