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Sustainable fashion ensembles by Cebu-based designer channel Grecian fashion

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Recycle but make it fashionable!

Jann Christian Bungcaras, a budding fashion designer from Talisay City, Cebu showcased his creative juices in his new collection.

The collection is Greek-inspired, mainly from the characters of Erastes and Eromenos called “Eromenos: Loving the Beloved.”

“This new collection is inspired by the word that I yearn for the most- Love,” he said.

Bungcaras who belongs to the LGBTQ community told CDN Digital that he believes the story of the collection will empower those like him who are yearning for the love they want to receive.

The collection is an absolute standout not just because of its unique story but also because of its sustainability.

“The pieces were made from 100% Textile-Waste, including the zippers, thread, and buttons. To create more discussion when it comes to intimacy we used rescued Egyptian cotton bedsheets for the button-down and plain white elements, and a very delicate stretch mesh to amplify the fragility of purity,” he added.

The collection was in the works in September of last year and was collectively finished just October of this year.

The collection was presented in a runway show in Zamboanga last year but was just launched online last week.

What do you think of the collection done by Bungcaras? /rcg

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