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Self promises one should never break



CEBU CITY, Philippines— We always make promises to each other.

Promises that we usually break, and sometimes, we keep. Even the ones we made for ourselves.

But there are self promises we should never ever break.


Because these self promises will help us set the tone of our lives and establish our boundaries.

Here are some of the self promises you should never break:

To not react with emotions— if we let our emotions control us, more often than not, we can’t make a rational assessment of the things that are happening around us. And this would sometimes hurt ourselves and others too.

Never trust words with no actions— if they are good with words but can’t walk their talk, do not fall for that. Remind yourself that you know better and deserve better.

Do not step on someone’s toes—  in order to better yourself, never, ever step on someone else’s toes to advance your own agenda. Learn to play life the right way, play it wisely, don’t play it dirty.

Never try to fit into a group— if they don’t invite you and most often go behind your back, don’t force yourself to fit their mold. Grow in your environment, around people who care and choose to see the good in you, not your shortcomings.

Bend over others—  learn to say no from time to time. Because if you tend to be so giving, people may ask for more and still sees you as someone who they can’t rely on in the end.

Remember to always put a premium on your worth, the promises you made to yourself are there to guide you to be better. /rcg

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