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FACES OF CEBU: DeeDee Villegas, 29, content creator


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Cebuano DeeDee Villegas is living proof that anyone can be different and still be okay.

The 29-year-old Villegas, who is from Mandaue City, is not your usual face of acceptance as her body is covered with tattoos, from head to toe, including her eyes.

Villegas is a content creator and social media brand ambassador known not just for her witty remarks, but also her permanent marks.

She started having tattoos in 2010 as she saw these as something that would make her stand out and express herself.

“Living as heavily tattooed as I am, I learned to ignore petty comments and negativity from people,” she said.

Villegas is a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Asexual/Aromantic (LGBTQA) community.

Before getting inked, coming out was also a challenge for Villegas.

“Finding yourself is a process. Don’t fear to go through phases or stages until you find your center. Furthermore, once you know who you are, come out at your own pace,” she added.

At present, Villegas entertains and inspires her followers online with her stories and experiences as a new face of the LGBTQA community.

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