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What gives us joy this holiday season

CEBU CITY, Philippines– This holiday season signifies joy and love.

Joy because our savior has come, and love because he is here to show us what the true meaning of love is.

As what everyone would say, ’tis the season to be jolly.

And this year, there are a lot of things we all should be joyous about amid the pandemic.

Family — a lot of us have lost someone this year, may it be because of the pandemic or something else, but most of us were still able to celebrate the holidays with our family, virtually or through a quick drive-thru just to say hi to our family and friends. Family is the greatest gift for this season.

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Friends — we were able to know who the real ones are this year. Make that count and be joyful for having friends like them. They too are the real gems this season.

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Careers — the pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our lives, jobs lost, jobs changed, and jobs that are made more challenging. But look at most of us now, we are able to still earn and have our jobs amid the pandemic. Celebrate that job you have, no matter the stress. Just learn to balance it and be joyful.

Relationships — the months of not being able to see each other or do the normal things partners do before the pandemic this year have strengthened a lot of relationships and have given them the chance to really know each other even if they are apart. For that, be joyful for the relationship you have now with your partner because it has only gotten better.

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Beautiful life — you made it this far and you will make it even further if you just keep the faith. Keep the fire burning in you and most especially, appreciate the life you live today.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Enjoy the holidays in a safe space and with happy hearts. /dbs

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