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Some lessons we learn from children

CEBU CITY, Philippines– It has been our nature to be the teachers to our children.

We teach them the basic lessons and manners in life that would help them as they grow up.

But little do we know that we, too, can learn so much from our children.

The things we forgot to do as we decided to take life seriously.

Read some of the lessons our children have taught us:

To laugh more — children laugh more because they worry less. As we take care of ourselves as mature individuals, don’t forget to laugh more and give yourself a break from time to time.

Ask questions — children learn from us because they never let their curious minds rest. Growing up does not mean you know everything, ask questions, feed your curiosity, and be open to learning more from others.

Make new friends — as we grow older, we are contented with our circle, and that is totally fine. But bear in mind that making new acquaintances can help us too as adults. Always allow yourself to meet people and allow them to get to know you too.

Believe in goodness — growing up we have faced a lot of unwanted things and bad things in life that have made us think goodness or kindness is rare to find. But remember when we were still younger, that a simple sorry can go a long way? Try that again, try seeing the goodness and kindness in people.

Have fun — life is going to get tougher and with that, you have to know how to balance life and play. Have fun with the life you have now and reward yourself for coming this far. Go have some fun!

Unknowingly, children have been teaching us a lot of basic things in life that we have forgotten due to what has been going on in our lives.

Learn to live like a kid from time to time and enjoy the wonderful life you have today. /dbs

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